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June 24, 2016

Thank You, Cleveland    

52 years. 18,802 days. 451,248 hours. 27,074,880 minutes. 1,624,492,800 seconds. Any way you cut it, that’s a long time to wait between major professional sports team championships. We are honored to have ended the drought, the curse, or whatever it was called, this past Sunday, June 19th, at 10:37 p.m. eastern time. No fan base, and no city, deserved this championship more than Cleveland, Ohio, and not because it had been so long since the last one.

But because you are the most loyal and passionate fans on the planet.

Your spirit and refusal to never stop believing is what fueled every single one of us at Quicken Loans Arena at One Center Court. Thank you for being the source of all that motivated so many great people to work together to reach our dream.

So, this city is no longer “Believeland.” It is now “Achieveland.” I’ve got a feeling this new era has just begun…

Dan Gilbert & The Entire Cleveland Cavaliers Family


As the information made it’s way around Twitter on Wednesday night that Tristan Thompson and the Cavaliers had come to terms on a new contract, there was no confirmation from the Cavs that this had actually happened. That was until Cavs owner Dan Gilbert took the stage at a special event for Cavs season ticket holders at the Cleveland Convention Center. Gilbert addressed the crowd and said, “Yes it is true.”

Dan Gilbert at Cavs Season Ticket Holders Event 10-21-15


Gilbert then went on to say they had reached a verbal agreement on a deal with the power forward and were hopeful the actual contract would get signed on Thursday. The Cavs owner then gave credit to his general manager David Griffin and managing partner Nate Forbes for finally getting the deal done.


Thompson’s agent Rich Paul told ESPN.com that the deal is for 5 years and $82 million dollars, with all the money guaranteed. The deal also doesn’t include a team or a player option.

Tristan Thompson Reaction Shot Game 3 vs Bulls


The 24 year old Thompson averaged 8.5 points per game and 8 rebounds per game last season for the Cavs, but upped those numbers in the playoffs to 9.6 points and 10.8 rebounds per game. Thompson who has missed all of training camp, is entering his 5th season for the Cavs after being drafted with the 4th overall pick in the 2011 NBA Draft.


I am a Cavaliers season ticket holder and I figured I’d share with you the letter Cavs owner Dan Gilbert sent to me and all season ticket holders recently.

photo (7)



Dan Gilbert Season Ticket Holder Letter 2014-15 – Page 1

Dan Gilbert Season Ticket Holder Letter 2014-15 – Page 2


Dan Gilbert, Jimmy Haslam and Paul Dolan,

Gentleman, I’ve completed the “ALS Ice Bucket Challenge” and did so by getting 3 buckets of ice ice water dumped on me so I could challenge the 3 owners of Cleveland’s sports teams to see who would step up and meet my challenge.

The clock is ticking, you have 24 hours, give or take a few, to complete the challenge. Can’t wait to see the video proof.

Here’s my video proof –


Kenny Roda


Guys, at one time or another, most of us have been in this situation before right? What are you willing to give up for love? What will you sacrifice for love?

Are you willing to give up your Monday night golf league with the fellas?

Are you willing to drop out of three of your four fantasy football leagues?

Are you willing to throw away your favorite sweatshirt you’ve had for fifteen years? You know the one, it’s faded, has holes in it, the collar is stretched out and you look like crap in it, but you don’t care because it’s your most comfortable shirt.

Are you willing to take Samba lessons, even though you can’t dance and your favorite band is George Thorogood and the Destroyers?

Love does crazy things to you. How far are you willing to go for love?

Kevin Love BR

Photo courtesy of twincities.com


Well the Cavs are dealing with that kind of love now. G.M. David Griffin is asking himself if he really loves Love and what is his willing to give up for Love? It’s no secret the Cleveland Cavaliers fancy Kevin Love. They’d love to have Love on their team.

LeBron James wants Love. I know he just got married and is in love, and has his third child is on the way, but he wants another kind of love. The Love he had back in London in 2012 at the Olympics.

So will James force the Cavs against their wishes to do whatever it takes to get Love?

Will that pressure force David Griffin and owner Dan Gilbert to give up someone they really love in Andrew Wiggins in order to reunite “King James” with Love?David Griffin Draft Night Photo

Or will Griff and @CavsDan explain to LeBron, that while it may be painful, some love is worth waiting for and this is one of those times where Love is going to have to wait. Eventually Love could end up in Cleveland, but only on the Cavs terms, not Minnesota’s because the Cavs are only willing to sacrifice so much for Love.

And if Love is true in his willingness to connect with James once again, then he can make sacrifices too.  He can tell the Timberwolves and every other team in the NBA the only place where he would love to play, and the only place he’s willing to make a long term commitment is in Cleveland with LeBron.

So yes love hurts, the waiting can be painful, but when you do eventually find the right formula for love and there’s a compromise, love can be a beautiful thing.

The Cavs and the T-wolves are both hoping for a happy ending. The Timberwolves getting what they want in return for Love, and the Cavaliers getting Love, for what they are willing to sacrifice. But the big question still remains, what are the Cavs willing to give up for Love?

Chuck Woolery

Photo courtesy of datehookup.com


To make that Love connection happen, maybe the Cavs should call in an expert like Chuck Woolery for some help. Stay tuned to see how this Love story ends!


FoxSportsOhio.com’s Sam Amico joined me once again and this time we debated about whether or not the Cavs should give up Andrew Wiggins in a trade package to acquire Kevin Love from Minnesota.

Sam Amico Photo


My thoughts on the city of Cleveland’s pain over the last four years, and now it’s gain over at least the next four years. The King Has Come Home!

LeBron Powder Toss Photo

(photo courtesy David Richard)


Had a blast talking about LeBron’s possible return to Cleveland with my buddy Dan Dakich on his Indianapolis radio show on ESPN 1070 The Fan.




July 10, 2014

CLEVELAND – The Cleveland Cavaliers announced today that the team and Kyrie Irving have agreed upon and signed a contract extension.  Per league policy, terms of the contract were not released.

“We couldn’t be happier to have Kyrie firmly at the core of our Cavaliers team and family for years to come,” said Cavaliers General Manager David Griffin. “He’s already proven he’s among the best in the NBA and we’re excited to watch his continued growth and success. To know that he is all in and shares our high expectations and championship goals is something we’re extremely proud of. It is a clear reflection of how we all view our future together, with Kyrie fully vested in this franchise and the city of Cleveland.”

Irving was the first overall pick in the 2011 draft by the Cavaliers and has career averages of 20.7 points, 3.7 rebounds, 5.8 assists and 1.4 steals in 33.7 minutes through 181 games with the team. An NBA All-Star in each of the past two seasons, Irving was MVP of the 2014 All-Star Game where he became the second-youngest player to win the award.  Since Irving, the 2011 NBA Rookie of the Year, entered the league, he has the third highest scoring average among all NBA point guards. In 2013-14, he led all Eastern Conference point guards with 20.8 points, while also averaging 3.6 rebounds, 6.1 assists and 1.5 steals in 35.2 minutes per game. He was one of only six players in the NBA with averages of at least 20 points and six assists per game last season.

“We are excited that Kyrie has officially committed to be here long-term with the Cleveland Cavaliers,” said Cavs Majority Owner Dan Gilbert. “The future has never been brighter as we are building the team and franchise for sustainable success. Kyrie is obviously a very big piece of our plan.”


Everyone else is making their prediction on where “The King” is headed, so I guess it’s time for the “The Great Rodini” to make his prediction on where he thinks LeBron James will be playing basketball next season.

After talking to old and new sources, in bars, stores, at the library, via Twitter, through e-mails and of course using my crystal ball, I have come up with these five predictions about LeBron James.


1. LeBron will choose to sign with Cleveland over Miami because of:

The Cavs younger, deeper roster, led by two-time All-Star Kyrie Irving who just committed long term. Add to that #1 overall pick Andrew Wiggins, Dion Waiters, Tristan Thompson and LeBron’s buddy Anderson Varejao. This gives “King James” a chance to win now and in the future. The Cavaliers could also use some of that young talent in a trade to lure another All-Star like Kevin Love to C’Town. Plus G.M. David Griffin has salary cap and roster flexibility to go along with multiple first round draft picks to use in deals to improve the roster. Also, while they’re not the best of friends any more, LeBron knows that owner Dan Gilbert will pay money into the luxury tax if necessary to help the team win.

2. LeBron will announce this “Decision” via social media on his website at LeBronJames.com and on Twitter @KingJames.

“The Decision” TV show was a disaster and LeBron knows that and learned from that. As I’ve been saying for months now, he will use new media to announce this “Decision” and in turn, drive traffic to his website and add more followers to his Twitter account.

3. LeBron’s website headline – “Coming Home – Unfinished Business”.

The headline says it all. He returns home to Akron/Cleveland and fulfills his original promise of bringing a championship to the Cavaliers.

4. LeBron will switch from his old #23 he wore with the Cavs to his new number #32.

He’s returning to C’Town, but since a lot of people burned his old number #23 jersey, why not start fresh with a number he wore in high school his freshman year at St. Vincent St. Mary’s high school and at the McDonalds All American Game at The Q. Plus it forces those who did keep their #23 jersey’s to go out and buy the new #32 LeBron jersey. Just a smart business move.

5. LeBron will convince Ray Allen to come play for the Cavs.

The one area the Cavaliers still need to improve in is their outside shooting and why not bring in the greatest 3-point shooter in NBA history with him to Cleveland since Allen is a free agent.

There you have it, not one, not two, not three, not four, but five predictions about what’s next for LeBron James.

Welcome Home LeBron!


PS – On the slight chance “The Great Rodini” might be a little off and “The Godfather” of the NBA Pat Riley convinces James to stay in South Beach, expect it to be for just one or two years and then we’ll go through this all over again!