Guys, at one time or another, most of us have been in this situation before right? What are you willing to give up for love? What will you sacrifice for love?

Are you willing to give up your Monday night golf league with the fellas?

Are you willing to drop out of three of your four fantasy football leagues?

Are you willing to throw away your favorite sweatshirt you’ve had for fifteen years? You know the one, it’s faded, has holes in it, the collar is stretched out and you look like crap in it, but you don’t care because it’s your most comfortable shirt.

Are you willing to take Samba lessons, even though you can’t dance and your favorite band is George Thorogood and the Destroyers?

Love does crazy things to you. How far are you willing to go for love?

Kevin Love BR

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Well the Cavs are dealing with that kind of love now. G.M. David Griffin is asking himself if he really loves Love and what is his willing to give up for Love? It’s no secret the Cleveland Cavaliers fancy Kevin Love. They’d love to have Love on their team.

LeBron James wants Love. I know he just got married and is in love, and has his third child is on the way, but he wants another kind of love. The Love he had back in London in 2012 at the Olympics.

So will James force the Cavs against their wishes to do whatever it takes to get Love?

Will that pressure force David Griffin and owner Dan Gilbert to give up someone they really love in Andrew Wiggins in order to reunite “King James” with Love?David Griffin Draft Night Photo

Or will Griff and @CavsDan explain to LeBron, that while it may be painful, some love is worth waiting for and this is one of those times where Love is going to have to wait. Eventually Love could end up in Cleveland, but only on the Cavs terms, not Minnesota’s because the Cavs are only willing to sacrifice so much for Love.

And if Love is true in his willingness to connect with James once again, then he can make sacrifices too.  He can tell the Timberwolves and every other team in the NBA the only place where he would love to play, and the only place he’s willing to make a long term commitment is in Cleveland with LeBron.

So yes love hurts, the waiting can be painful, but when you do eventually find the right formula for love and there’s a compromise, love can be a beautiful thing.

The Cavs and the T-wolves are both hoping for a happy ending. The Timberwolves getting what they want in return for Love, and the Cavaliers getting Love, for what they are willing to sacrifice. But the big question still remains, what are the Cavs willing to give up for Love?

Chuck Woolery

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To make that Love connection happen, maybe the Cavs should call in an expert like Chuck Woolery for some help. Stay tuned to see how this Love story ends!

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  1. James says:

    If the cavs give in I think they will be making a huge mistake. As it stands I think they are the favorites in the East. I also think that LBJ’s presence on the court will prove advantageous for players like Bennett, Wiggins, and Waiters. If you trade the future and the bench you will be what the cave were before LBJ left, a star, no bench, and few old guys on their last legs. Without a bench you shorten LBJ’s career and won’t be able to be a team that can go 8-9 deep. This type of trade would be unprecedented. No one gets equal value for an expiring conttact. Like you said, if Love wants to be here he can force the issue from his side.

  2. JT says:

    While I’m sure he’s used to people using his last name for puns and wordplay, this has to be the all time world’s record for Kevin Love jokes. Great column.

  3. JohnnyBallgame says:

    How is it the Cavs would be destroying their bench?
    The deal is Love for Wiggins, Bennett and a 2018 first. Love is going to play FAR far more minutes than Wiggins would have. In fact, one of Thompson or Varejao is now on the bench because Love gets here. But as far as playing time goes we are gaining a bunch by adding Love for Wiggins. Now I like Anthony Bennett and respect everything he’s done this offseason a lot, but how much do you think he plays with Lebron at SF and Love at PF? Answer: very little. The ENTIRE rest of the bench is still there. We can still sign other guys at the vets min. and or trade some of the non-guaranteed guys for help. I believe we’re keeping one of them regardless – Thomas (PF). We also have Haywoods deal to add depth next year and three first round picks. We’re in better shape if we make the deal for the next few seasons for sure. You can argue the long term and make a point.. but we have to wait years and see if two things happen: Cavs win a title or Wiggins doesn’t become and all-star. Either of those happen and the deal is worth it.

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