So here we are at the half way point in the Browns season and they sit at (3-5) through the first 8 games. That’s pretty much what I expected, but how they got there has been unique.  They’ve already used three different starting quarterbacks, traded away their first round draft pick from a year ago in Trent Richardson, actually won 3 in a row thanks to Brian Hoyer, but now have lost three in a row with Hoyer out for the season with a torn ACL and there are there are rumors that by tomorrow they could trade away their best offensive weapon in Josh Gordon.  So I guess when you really think about it, just another typical season for the Browns.

The Browns biggest problem and it has been since they re-entered the league, is that they haven’t found their franchise quarterback.  It’s the most important position in all of sports and the Browns have now started 20 different QB’s since 1999. That’s not going to get it done. Current starter Jason Campbell isn’t the answer; he’s just the guy for the rest of this season, maybe.  Brian Hoyer, while he was (3-0) as a starter, I didn’t get a big enough sample size to say he’s the guy you go with for the future. As for Brandon Weeden, that ship has sailed and sunk! So the Browns biggest priority in the off season will be, as it always seems to be, find that franchise signal caller in the draft, or via trade or free agency. Until they do that, regardless of how much the defense improves, the Browns are headed nowhere!

Yes the defense has made some strides this season, as they’ve created a pass rush and have been solid against the run, but their secondary is still weak with the exception of Joe Haden. So there’s another area of need for the Browns in the off season.

Joe Banner and Mike Lombardi have acquired a lot of draft picks for 2014 (10 so far) and are still trying to acquire more so they can move up and get their quarterback of the future and fill some of the other gaping holes on this team. But for fans who want to win now and paid good money to see that, you’re going to have to sit through another (5-11), (6-10) and maybe if you’re lucky (7-9) season before things start to really turn around. So grin and bear it and know, as most Cleveland fans already do, There’s Always Next Year!



For the first time ever I got to fully tailgate with my son, who is now 21, down in Columbus before the Ohio State-Penn State game and it, along with the game was a blast. All the parents of the kids he lives with got together and we enjoyed ourselves before the game with great eats and drinks and then the Buckeyes made it a perfect day by going out and destroying the Nittany Lions 63-14. These are the type of wins Ohio State needs if they’re going to impress the pollsters and move up in the BCS rankings. Right now O.S.U. is 4th behind Alabama, Oregon and Florida State. Realistically they’re going to need two out of those three to lose and then win out themselves if they’re going to have any chance to play for a national championship. It’s still a possibility, however, putting that aside, it was just so nice to go and explore and enjoy the atmosphere inside and outside “The Shoe” and remember what it’s like to not have to work the game, instead, truly just enjoy the game with my son and some new friends! 

OSU Parents Tailgate Day 10-26-13

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