If the Browns are serious about winning more games this year they will either make a change at quarterback and let Jason Campbell start against Kansas City, or go out and bring in a street free agent QB and add him to the roster and see if he can beat out Brandon Weeden or Campbell.  If they don’t do one or the other that means they have thrown in the towel and have adopted the “ALFAHDP” motto – Another Loss For A Higher Draft Pick!  That would be the only way to explain it if Weeden starts again this coming Sunday against the Chiefs.

I’ve seen enough of Weeden to know he doesn’t deserve to start if you’re really trying to win games this season. Over two years now Weeden has started 19 games and has a career record of (5-14). In those 19 games he has a career quarterback rating of 70.9 with 19 touchdown passes compared to 23 interceptions. Enough already! As I’ve stated before, I think Weeden can be either a back-up in the league or a clipboard holder, but not much more than that.

So if come Sunday in K.C., you see Brandon Weeden under center to start the game for the Browns, then you’ll know that CEO – Joe Banner and GM – Mike Lombardi are indeed trying to get the highest draft pick possible, to select one of the many 1st round, maybe even franchise changing quarterbacks that are supposed to be available in the 2014 NFL Draft.

So we’ll see if the Browns take a “Cavalier” approach in trying to make their football team better by going “ALFAHDP” this season – Another Loss For A Higher Draft Pick! We’ll know as early as this Sunday, if not sooner, if that is in fact their approach!


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