LeBron led the Cavs with 22 points and 9 assists int he 95-91 win over Brooklyn, but it was his old running mate from Miami, Mike Miller who gave the Cavs the biggest lift in his first start of the season and James was happy to see it.

LeBron James Standing Pose Photo 9-26-14

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    My name is Rolando Pharr. I am not a stalker or obsessed fan. I just have a very true story that I MUST share with you.

    I’ve tried numerous ways of contacting you since 2007. On February 14, 2010 I sent a condensed email to Cleveland Scene magazine which they posted under the title “The Secret of LeBron’s Greatness Landed In my Inbox.” I was hoping that would get your attention. I guess it didn’t.

    In November 2012, local TV station 19 Action News covered part of this story. They reached out to your mom but never got a response. I’ve decided to reach out to you again through this letter.

    Between January and May of 1985 our lives crossed paths. The story I have to share with you took place during that time. Some people will find it VERY hard to believe. Others will say they knew there was something “Special” about you. Either way, it’s a part of my destiny to tell you this story.

    Your mom is a big part of the story. She was there as it unfolded and she will determine its outcome.

    Will you and your mom PLEASE watch a Youtube video called “LeBron’s Cosmic Connection”. It was my first attempt at a Youtube video. The picture is dark and grainy and you have to cut up the volume but the message hits home. Your mom will recognize me. I considered her a friend. The video will definitely jog her memory.

    “LeBron’s Cosmic Connection” is the untold true story of your connection to Global Icon, Muhammad Ali and NBA icon, Julius “Dr J” Erving. It details how I was carried around on the shoulders of Muhammad Ali when I was 3 years old and how Ali influenced my childhood. It describes how “Dr J” was my idol as a teen and young adult. How I was a member of the best basketball team in Akron called “Free Afrika”. It tells how your mom helped me a few hours a week at the Bottom Half Clothing store inside Rolling Acres Mall and how I sometimes watched you while she ran store errands.

    It also tells the amazing story of how me and five of my “Free Afrika” team mates participated in Christening you to be the next “Dr J”. It’s true. When you were 3 months old, in the middle of The Bottom Half Clothing store, I raised your carry seat in the air three separate times and said “I Christen thee the next Dr J” each time. The second time I raised you above my head my team mates toasted you “To the next Dr J”. When your mom returned from running errands I told her about your Christenings and suggested we do it again. For the third time, with your mom to my immediate right, I raised you in the air and boldly said “I Christen thee the next Dr J”. When I handed you back to your mom she was visibly shaking. That’s why I’m 100% certain she will remember your “Dr J” Christening.

    Did your “Dr J” Christening come true? No human can definitively say that it did or didn’t. Three facts that can’t be argued. When your Christening took place “Dr J” was still the face of the NBA, it’s most popular player and it’s most marketed player. You are currently all three of those things.

    Watch all 4 of my Youtube videos. You may find some of my comments about your Cosmic Connection to Muhammad Ali very interesting. I personally believe you were given your Erving-esque basketball skills as a platform to make social change. Much in the way that Ali used his boxing platform. I read a couple of articles recently where people are starting to call you the Muhammad Ali of this generation. I made that statement on one of my videos a couple of years ago.

    There’s more to the story. After you were Christened for the third time my team mates left the store. Your mom and I sat down and had lunch. You were in your carry seat facing us. I made three bold predictions to your mom. I told her that you would be an NBA star. That you would play for the Cleveland Cavaliers and that you would be a high flying player like “Dr J”. We then made a handshake agreement (twice). When you became an NBA star as I predicted, she would see to it that each one of the six men who participated in your “Dr J” Christening would be made a millionaire.

    Ask your mom about your “Dr J” Christening and her millionaires Promise. It’s ironic that the Family Foundation you and your mom created adopted an “I Promise” campaign. Maybe it’s not irony. Perhaps the Universe is testing you. You ask your Foundation kids to make and keep their Promises. Will you and your mom lead by example and honor the 6 million dollar handshake Promise she made when you were 3 months old?

    I have several sworn affidavits from eyewitnesses, and have plenty of concrete evidence to support all but one of my statements. Only two people on the planet can verify that a 6 million dollar handshake agreement took place. Me and your mom. To support my statements on that issue, I signed a sworn affidavit and have taken and passed multiple Polygraph Examinations. Two of those Polygraph results can be viewed @ rolanfarr on Twitter.

    The six men who Christened you have made our own Promises. When your mom honors her Promise, we will donate $120 thousand dollars to Ebony Nettles Bey’s Cancer fund. We will help several area non-profit organizations and have plans to partner with an Akron group to start a scholarship program. Thats just for starters.

    I saw a picture of you and your mom in 2002 and realized that the basketball prodigy from Akron was little Raymone, the baby that I Christened the next “Dr J” and made all the predictions for. You’ve worked extremely hard to become the best basketball player on the planet but give the Universe some credit for the incredible gifts you were given. 6ft 8 inches, 250+ pounds, near world class speed, an eidetic memory, a 40+ inch vertical leap, a 7ft + wingspan, above average sized hands and a high basketball I.Q. Why were you GIVEN these gifts?….I’m sure that answer will be revealed to you eventually. Just remember, you were raised in the air and Christened to be the next “Dr J” by Akron’s best basketball team and by a man that was touched by Muhammad Ali’s greatness. You were predicted to be an NBA star, play for the Cavs and be a high flying player like “Dr J”. Please Respect the Divine Powers of the Universe and its endless possibilities.

    So there you have it. The untold true story that I HAD to share with you. I am predicting that your mom will keep her Promise and you will embrace your Cosmic Connection. Whether this prediction comes true is entirely on you two. Please reach out to Muhammad Ali while you can. I know you’ve met him before but spend some quality time with him. It will change your life. Your NBA season is well underway and we do not want to be a distraction. You’ve got a Championship to win.

    There’s a list of coincidences/facts surrounding your Cosmic Connection that will make you go Hmmm. I’ll share those with you.

    For seven years I’ve been hated on, blocked, talked about and ignored but not once has anybody bothered to get an actual response from your mother. Your brand will not suffer from the truth being told. I Promise you that. A timely response to this letter will be greatly appreciated. Follow me on Twitter if you choose to embrace us. Everything else can be handled privately.

    Welcome home….and Congratulations on the birth of your baby girl.

    Warmest Regards,

    Rolando Pharr
    P.S….Do The Right Thing

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