Mike Pettine Photo Mini Camp 5-1-14

On if today was a scheduled day for QB Johnny Manziel to take reps with the first-team offense:

“Yes, it’s just all part of the plan that we’ve had. It’ll go back and forth.”

On how Manziel did today:

“I said this a couple other days:  I don’t want to evaluate guys coming right off the field. Until I talk to the offensive coaches, see the tape, I’ll have a better feel then.”

On Manziel taking first-team reps causing a lot of talk:

“That’s great. That comes with the territory.”

On if Manziel practicing with the first team today was part of the plan from the beginning of camp or if it was decided after looking at the first week of practices and the Family Day scrimmage:

“No, we had talked about it beforehand but didn’t really put it in stone. It was not a result of anything that happened in the scrimmage.”

On if it seemed Manziel took steps forward after watching film from the Family Day scrimmage:

“Yeah, I think both quarterbacks took steps. I thought they both played to their skill set. I thought Johnny did a good job making some plays with his feet, keeping plays alive. (QB) Brian (Hoyer), I thought, showed some poise in the pocket and stepped into some throws. Let’s not forget that he’s a guy coming off of a knee [injury] and that was really the first true live work that he had gotten. I thought that was good work for him, as well.”

On if the first-team reps for Hoyer and Manziel will change each day or week:

“Probably more day-to-day at this point.  I don’t think we’ll do this for the entire week. Then, we’ll meet at some point mid-week to discuss how we want to handle the reps in the Detroit game.”

On if it is a concern that none of the quarterbacks were able to find the end zone during the Family Day scrimmage:

“Actually, [Manziel] did. We would have thrown the flag on the one (TE Gary) Barnidge catch. I think somebody had video from the stands that confirmed that he had two feet in and caught the ball. That was pointed out to me by our offensive guys yesterday. It wasn’t a concern. It’s really just the first time getting out there. It was just inconsistent play. It’s tough on those guys when the whole playbook is available. It’s not a game plan situation. Defensively, I’ve already spoken to it that I think we present more looks and sometimes I’ve seen it retard the growth of an offense during camp. It takes them a little bit of time because of all the looks they’re seeing. It wasn’t a concern.”

On if WR Josh Gordon being back at practice today was an encouraging sign:

“It’s still part of the process. He left practice a little bit early to go in. That’s part of the process, as well, that he’s involved with something with the league today. We’ve been patient so far, and it’s waited this long. Hopefully, a resolution is coming soon.”

On the running game during Saturday’s scrimmage:

“I thought they’re still finding their way with it. For a lot of guys, it’s a very different transition. I thought, defensively, our guys played well, played the run game well. I thought our pad level was good. They got off blocks. They tackled well. A few runs got out, but overall, the run defense was encouraging. I think the offensive guys came out of it knowing that they need to get better.”

On if he knows who will start at quarterback against Detroit on Saturday:

“I do not.”

On if Manziel taking first-team reps is a reflection of Hoyer’s first week of practice or the scrimmage:

“No, not at all. It’s just something we wanted to work them both in, and it’s part of our process.”

On if WR Willie Snead has made a good impression:

“He has. He stepped up in the scrimmage, made a big catch on fourth down to keep a drive going, made a big play here today. We talk about the Play like a Brown attributes, he hits a lot of those spots. Guys on defense don’t like him very much, which is usually a compliment because he mixes it up with them. I think there was a fight early in camp, but he’s not afraid to go in and get a little bit dirty blocking. I think he runs good routes and has good ball skills.”

On what it means for Manziel to take reps with the first team:

“It’s just part of our plan. We say we’re going to allow the quarterbacks to compete. At some point, you’ve got to mix up the supporting cast a little bit. It’s all part of it.”

On saying early in camp that barring something unforeseen, Hoyer would start the first preseason game:

“Yeah, I would still say that’s true, but I can’t say it’s 100 percent at this point. I would still say there’s more than reasonable chance that he’ll be the starter against Detroit. That had been the plan. I just want to confirm with (quarterbacks coach) Dowell (Loggains) and (offensive coordinator) Kyle (Shanahan) and see where they are with it.”

On whether he will defer to Loggains and Shanahan about which QB will begin the season as a starter:

“Yeah, absolutely. That will be a committee decision. We’ll meet together. I’m not an expert, but I also feel like I’m in charge of the big picture. We’ll formulate a plan, not just with quarterback but with all positions, that we feel gives us the best chance to win.”

On if using radio communication between the QBs is something new:

“No, that’s been (in) every practice so far and all of the spring.”

On DB Pierre Desir’s practice today:

“Pierre stepped up. He had a rough veteran camp and responded a little bit. The coaches challenged him before he went away on break, and he came back and really made some strides. We’ve been very pleased with Pierre. I think he’s one of the more difficult guys of the corners to get off (of) when he presses a guy just with his length. He’s gotten more patient. If you ask the receivers who the hardest guy is to get off press, they’ll probably say him.”

On if TE Jordan Cameron not practicing is still simply a precaution:

“It’s an AC issue with the shoulder, but it’s not anything. If this were a game week, more than likely he would’ve gone. I’m still not sure – we haven’t made a decision yet for Detroit – but more than likely, we will air on the side of caution.”

On who will get first-team reps at quarterback for tomorrow’s practice:

“I’m not sure. They wrote it out on the board. I’m not sure how they plan on doing it, but it will be a mix this week.”

On undrafted WRs on the team with Arena Football League and Canadian Football League experience:

“I think that it’s a testament to those guys, their perseverance, their dedication. You see a lot of guys that are very successful in this league that weren’t high draft picks, especially at that position. You can look at (WR) Miles Austin as a perfect example. There are a lot of ways to make it, and those are the guys that you know that aren’t going to give up because nothing has been handed to them.”

On if there’s an update OL Jason Pinkston’s status and if he’s closer to returning:

“No, at some point, I think that we’ll formally release something about it, but I don’t see him coming back in the foreseeable future.”

On what Manziel has improved on the most since the start of camp:

“I think the playbook stuff, the repetitions, calling the plays in the huddle and not just being able to call the play but then understanding what his reads are and where to go with the ball.”

On if the Browns acquired OL Michael Bowie believing he won’t be available all season:

“We’re not sure yet. He doesn’t get here until late today so after the physical, we’ll have a little more information on that.”

On if he’s disappointed that someone hasn’t run away with the starting QB position:

“No because they’re both competing and they’re both doing what they’re supposed to be doing. It would be hard for there to be a clear-cut guy anyway when they’re both being efficient in their play when they’re in there.”

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