Call me crazy if you want and lord knows I’ve been called worse, but let me be the first to throw this out there, I think Dan Gilbert and the Cavaliers should hire Mike D’Antoni as Mike Brown’s offensive coordinator now that he is no longer the head coach of the Los Angeles Lakers.

If your Dan, you go to Mike and say, your still my head coach, but I’m going to get you some help on offense and bring in one of the best offensive basketball minds out there to make us better as a team. That way you can focus on what you love – DEFENSE, as well as being the head coach and let D’Antoni work with the players on offense.

I thought D’Antoni was a bad hire for the head coaching job in L.A., but I have always respected his offensive mind. When he was the head man in Phoenix his teams were always fun to watch because of how potent they were on offense. Not only did those Suns teams score a lot of points led by a ball dominate point guard in Steve Nash, they also were pretty good, reaching the Western Conference Finals twice. But when you thought of the Suns you thought offense.

Mike Krzyzewski thought enough of D’Antoni and his offensive mind to have him on his USA Men’s Basketball staff as an assistant coach for the team that won Olympic gold medals in 2008 and 2012. Besides dealing with mega superstars in the Olympics and while with the Suns and Lakers, don’t forget D’Antoni also was the head coach in New York with Carmelo Anthony and the Knicks and also in Denver.

So if indeed Dan Gilbert will do anything to help the Cavs win a championship and Mike Brown’s goal is to make the Cavaliers better and win a championship, then why not go and offer one of the best offensive basketball minds around a job as an assistant coach with the Cavs and put him in charge of helping this team score points.

Granted D’Antoni may turn the offer down. If he does, at least you made an effort. But if you’re the Cavs and you’re watching teams like Washington and Toronto pass you during the regular season and win playoff games in the post-season, don’t you owe it to the organization, the players, the fans, this city to try everything you can to improve this squad and make them a playoff and championship contending team again?

Yes you do!

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