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Opening statement:

“(We’re) obviously very disappointed. I thought for the bulk of it the players played well enough to have a victory. I put this one on me. We didn’t coach well enough to win today. I’m not going to get into too much of the specifics until I get a chance to go through it. The list is long. I’ll open it up.”


On what happened on the missed field goals and if the snap was OK:

“I’m not sure. Some of the snaps, to me, looked a little low throughout the day, so I’m not sure.”


On the run defense throughout the day:

“Not good enough. It was inconsistent. There were times we were solid at the point. Then other times it was guys in the wrong spots, playing the wrong technique, giving up too many big runs. On some of those big runs we missed some tackles too. Not near good enough to be successful.”


On what was going on with the substitution on defense that caused the Browns to use timeouts:

“It’s one of the things I’m talking about. We need to be better with our procedures, with our communication to the guys that are on the field – with the procedure of getting guys in and out.”


On what would have happened if WR Travis Benjamin caught the ball on the punt at the end of the game:

“You’d like him to. I just don’t know. It was obviously windy. That’s one that you hope that even if he bombs it that he can still fair catch it. That’s a couple first downs worth.”


On the plays that hurt the team after the DB Tashaun Gipson pick and the big WR Taylor Gabriel catch:

“Yeah. Absolutely. You miss chances. You can’t blow opportunities like that. We need to be more on point when we get opportunities like that to take advantage of them – not go backwards.”


On what he saw on the Gabriel catch and if he was losing the ball in the air:

“I’m not sure. It was windy. He was tracking the ball. The long balls and punts obviously weren’t easy to track. He made a heck of a play scrambling to his feet.”


On how unfortunate it is that they lost after such a great performance by QB Brian Hoyer today:

“Yeah, he played well. (He) made some great throws. That’s what this league is all about is making enough plays to win and as coaches, putting your players in the best circumstances and the best situations to be successful. We didn’t do near a good enough job to do that today.”


On the penalties, specifically those committed by DBs Joe Haden and Justin Gilbert:

“What do you want me to say? Penalties are bad.”


On if the penalties were tick-tack calls:

“No, until I see it I can’t speak on them, until I see the coaches’ copy.”


On if the throws to WR Andrew Hawkins were catchable late in the game:

“Yeah, it’s hard. We needed some first downs at the end. We needed to convert, and we weren’t able to do it. Again, it’s at the end of the game. We need to make plays to win, and again put our guys in situations to be successful.”


On if the offense got away from what it was doing late in the game or if it was a matter of execution:

“Probably a little bit of both. They made some adjustments too, but I thought – this was already mentioned – I thought Brian played well. We did hit some runs, but I think just overall they played better than we did in the fourth quarter. Obviously, that was the reason.”


On the pass play to QB Johnny Manziel being an illegal play because Manziel was within five yards of the sideline and if the Browns were aware of that:
“Yes. It was our understanding that where he was lined up was sufficient.”


On if he thought RB Terrance West was moving as the ball was snapped on Hoyer’s completion to Manziel:

“It’s hard to tell. I was more looking at their coverage to see if they recognized it.”


On if Hoyer’s pass to Manziel was just to catch the defense off guard:

“Sure, just when you’re multiple personnel groupings you just have a chance to… Defensively, you always teach your guys, ‘Make sure you scan the field.’ It’s a play that surfaces throughout the league a couple times a year.”

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