Johnny Manziel Browns SI Cover Photo

On his outing:

“Some good, some bad. I thought we moved the ball after the first drive pretty well. I was told we had a 16-play drive on the second series, which is good. We are keeping the chains moving. First drive came out a little sloppy. From there, I was proud of my group. Proud of the way that the o-line, the receivers and the running backs played. It was nice.”


On his scrambling plays:

“It  was nice. Third down [run] just trying to get us in a better situation to punt on the first time, after some miscommunication. Kyle called some plays to try and get one the edge – take those second and shorts and try and move the chains. It felt good to run. The plays we executed on those went really well.”


On if this was the most valuable day as a pro so far:

“It’s better. I think the practice days have really been helping me a lot. I think for me, it’s to get better every day. I keep saying that, and I know it’s getting old. I mean that’s really the story of my life right now. I have to get better, learn the stuff, and continue to get more and more familiar with every single play in our offense. Days like today help.”


On what the coaching staff has said about first team reps:

“We haven’t even really talked about that. It’s been get through our installs and try and learn and comprehend as much of it as we can the first go-round and from there plays will get back in as the practices continue to go on. And preseason games come along. I think the coaching staff will do a job of assessing who is going to go with who, or how it’s going to go down, but for me right now, I’m fine with how things are going, and I’m learning. That’s really the only thing I need to be worried about right now.”


On if he’s closed the gap on QB Brian Hoyer

“Like I said a couple of days ago, there’s no gap that I’m looking at right now. It’s know the playbook, know everything. There’s still so many little things here and there that can throw a play and change a play, a defensive look. That’s stuff that I wasn’t used to. Now I’m seeing it, adjusting, learning. That’s what I’m doing is learning.”


On notable throws near the sidelines:

“Those at the end…It’s either don’t take a sack, if someone is trying to pursue it…either throw it away or try and put one on the sideline where it’s either our ball, or nobody’s. On those few plays getting to the sideline and letting them go for a little bit of a gain, we could get, I thought it was a great job by the receivers being able to block the DB off and a great job using their hands and catching those balls and getting two feet in-bounds.”


On the would-be touchdown pass to TE Gary Barnidge:

That was a good play call and a great catch. Great job…I can’t really tell, we’ll see on film if he got his feet in, but for Barnidge to get his feet in and catch that … great route, great coverage by the defender but it was a really, really good catch.”


On handling the play calling, the headset and the terminology:

“Obviously not very good at the beginning. I had a little slip up. But, that’s going to happen. Now it’s just to eliminate those and not have one of them moving forward. But getting better at the terminology…I think Kyle is helping me out a lot. And some of the play calls he’s also repeating them and helping me get used to it because it is unfamiliar territory for me using a headset and doing things like that. Going quicker, making sure we have the right personnel, the right amount men in the huddle – everything like that. And then just running my team. Running the guys that are out there on the field with me, that’s what I have to continue to get better at.”


On squeezing the football into tight windows:

“I think all the windows, so far that we’ve seen, in practice with these NFL guys are extremely tight. It’s not just me but all quarterbacks are throwing into extremely tight windows. I think our receivers are doing a really good job.”


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