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  1. Kris Kantor says:

    Kenny you nailed it. Drove me crazy that they kept using Braxton Miller on designed runs when you have Carlos Hyde in the backfield thrashing MSU all night long when they gave him the ball. And you know what I want Alabama. Let me tell you why. If we play Clemson and win, we’re still going to have to hear you beat “just” Clemson. Even though Clemson is a top 20 team. Beating Alabama might (probably not) give OSU some respect. How do I think we will do against Bama? I think after what I saw last night, and kind of defensively all year, I think we get destroyed. But at least then the criticism is warranted. I always felt Bama was the better team but when they lost, the Buckeyes deserved the shot at playing for a national title. Sick of the crap about a one loss team is better than a undefeated team. Okay they could be but how about this for an example. Say Buckeyes had won and were about to play the national championship. Let’s say they win. It’s now time to award the national championship trophy presentation. “Ladies and Gentleman we want to congratulate the Buckeyes on a successful year, but tonight we award the trophy to Florida State because their 1 loss was to ranked number 2 OSU and the computers and human element feel the Seminoles are still the better team” Really that’s the bullcrap about this whole 1 loss team is better than an undefeated team. The best team doesn’t always win. They didn’t give the Super Bowl trophy to the Patriots when the Giants beat them and it was their only loss. Patriots clearly were the better team that year. The 95 Indians in my mind still the far better team then Braves but you play the game for a reason. Oh well what can ya do, I guess watch the Browns and realize yep it can be worse, I’m a Browns fan.

  2. Ray Stein says:

    Poor defense and not enough Carlos Hyde = No title game.I think our cupcake schedule finally came back and bit us in the butt.we played very tight most of the game.GO BUCKS!!

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