New Cavaliers General Manager David Griffin met with the media yesterday and talked about how he felt the players needed to smile more and enjoy what they were doing. Get back to having each other’s back and play as a team and have fun doing so. I’m wondering if Griffin is going to have much fun over the next ten days deciding which direction to take this team leading up to the trading deadline.

If you’re the new Cavs G.M. what do you do with a team that’s (18-33) and four games out of the eighth and final playoff spot in the Eastern Conference? Do you buy or sell?

Cavs GM David Griffin

Click here to hear exactly what Cavs G.M. David Griffin told me when I asked him if they are going to be Buyers or Sellers at the trading deadline:  

Griffin has four games left before the trading deadline of February 20th to decide, should I add a piece or two and make a run at the playoffs? Or do I look at who is a tradable commodity on this roster and build for the future?  (Rumored commodities are Luol Deng, Anderson Varejao and Dion Waiters)

Of the Cavs next nine games to close out the month of February they’ll play only two teams with an above .500 record as of today. So there are some very winnable games coming up, lets take a look:

Sacramento at home tomorrow – Kings at (17-34) have the worst record in the West.

Detroit on the road Wednesday – Pistons (21-29) just fired their head coach Mo Cheeks.

At Philadelphia on February 18th – 76ers (15-37) have the second worst record in the NBA.

Oralando at home on February 19th – Magic (16-37) with the third worst record in the NBA

February 20th – NBA Trading Deadline

At Toronto February 21st – Raptors (26-24) first place in the Atlantic, but only two games above .500.

Washington at home on February 23rd – Wizards (25-25) the Cavs just beat them In Washington.

Toronto at home on February 25th – You would think at least a split of the two games with the Raptors.

At Oklahoma City February 26th – Thunder (41-12) have second best record in the league.

Utah at home February 28th – Jazz (17-33) have the second worst record in the West.

As you can see this is a favorable part of the schedule for the Cavaliers and if they added pieces at the trade deadline they could make up some ground in the chase for the 8th playoff spot in the East, currently held by the Charlotte Bobcats.

Will the first four games of this nine game stretch dictate what Griffin does, or has he already made up his mind? From what he told us yesterday and what owner Dan Gilbert said last Thursday, they believe that they have what it takes to win this season, so that would lead you to believe they’re going to be buyers and not sellers.

But while the upcoming schedule is favorable, there’s no guarantee with this team that they’re going to take advantage of that schedule and win six or seven of those nine games. Usually you are what your record says you are, and at (18-33) they are tied for the seventh worst record in the league which has them in the lottery right now.

As David Griffin admitted to us, this is not an easy situation to be in, but he looks forward to the challenge. He wants to show Dan Gilbert, the NBA, the city of Cleveland and Cavs fans everywhere that he is more than capable of handling the G.M. job of the Cavs and while doing so, turning this season and this franchise around. If he does that, then everybody will be smiling from ear to ear!


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  1. Billy Cole says:

    Seriously? The new guy wants to “win now”? Add pieces to a lousy team so they can be swept out of the playoffs as a #8 seed? Wake up, Cavaliers! This isn’t the Miracle in Richfield, it’s the Dumpster Fire at the Q!

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