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Johnny Manziel fans and memorabilia collectors take a listen to this podcast with Bob Ibach from Nikcosports.com about how you can purchase a special Johnny Manziel football from Nikcosports.com with some of the money going to the Boys and Girls Club of Ohio.

Johnny Manziel Fundraising Football 2014 - Nikcosports


Browns agree to terms with Johnny Manziel 

 BEREA, Ohio — The Cleveland Browns on Tuesday agreed to terms with QB Johnny Manziel. General Manager Ray Farmer made the announcement.

The Browns now have come to terms with four of their six 2014 draft selections.

The 6-0, 210-pound Manziel was selected with the 22nd overall pick, the second of the Browns’ two first-round selections.

He compiled a 20-6 record as a two-year starter at Texas A&M before foregoing his final two years of eligibility.

He completed 595 of 863 passes for 7,820 yards with 63 touchdowns and 22 interceptions. Manziel added 2,160 rushing yards and 30 scores. He amassed 9,989 yards of total offense, an average of 384.9 per game.

He became the first freshman to win the Heisman trophy and was a finalist the following year. Manziel also became the first player in school history to throw for 3,000 yards in back-to-back seasons (3,706 in 2012 and 4,114 in 2013).

Manziel, who hails from Kerrville, Texas, graduated from Kerrville High School.


Here are the reported financial figures for Manziel’s contract according to Ian Rapoport of the NFL Network and NFL.com –

Johnny Manziel’s 4-year contract is worth approximately $8.3M with a roughly $4.3M signing bonus. Whopping 94% guaranteed (65% in year 4)

Johnny Manziel Money Sign On Stage at NFL Draft


With “Manziel Mania” running rampant in Cleveland like “‘Johnny Football” across SEC fields over the last two years I started thinking about Manziel’s career in college and it led me to think about another heralded SEC quarterback named Tim Tebow.

Manziel vs Tebow Photo

Like Manziel, Tebow ran and threw the ball and brought excitement to the college football world both on and off the field.  Like Manziel, people questioned whether Tebow’s style of play could make it in the NFL. Was he a good enough passer? Could he play under center and read defenses? Could he understand to be successful in the league he would have to run less and throw more? Then I started wondering why will “Manziel Mania” be any different than “Tebow Mania”? What gives “TMZ Johnny” a better chance to make it over “Genuflecting Tim”? Will he last longer in the NFL than the three years that Tebow played? If so, why? Are these comparisons fair?

So I decided to go back and look at the first two years that both Tebow and Manziel started at quarterback at their respective colleges in the SEC. There are a lot of similar results that link these two together, and I think fairly raises the question, why will Manziel, drafted 22nd in the first round by the Browns in 2014  make it in the NFL, when Tebow, who was drafted 25th in the first round by the Broncos in 2010,  only lasted 3 years?


(Remember these are stats and facts from the first two years as a starting quarterback only)

TIM TEBOW                                                                          JOHNNY MANZIEL

6’3 – 236 pounds                                                                         5’11 – 205 pounds

Played in the SEC at Florida                                                   Played in the Sec at Texas A&M

Gesture – “Tebowing”                                                               Gesture – “Getting Paid”

1st sophomore to win the Heisman                                        1st freshman to win the Heisman

Won 1 National Title                                                                    Did not win a National Title

Won 1 SEC Title                                                                            Did not win an SEC Title

2-Time first team All-American                                                1-Time first team All-American

2-Time first team All-SEC                                                         2-Time first team All-SEC

1st year as a starter 32TD passes                                          1st year as a starter 26TD passes

1st year as a starter 23 rush TD’s                                         1st year as a starter 21 rush TD’s

Total TD’s in first year (53)                                                       Total TD’s in first year (47)

1st year as a starter 3,286yrds passing                       1st year as a starter 3,706yrds passing

1st year as a starter 895yrds  rushing                        1st year as a starter 1,410yrds rushing

1st year total yards 4,181 yards                                            1st year total yards 5,116 yards

First 2 years as a starter 62 TD passes                        First 2 years as a starter 63 TD passes

First 2 years as a starter 35 rushing TD’s              First 2 years as a starter 30 rushing TD’s

Total TD’s in first 2 years (97)                                              Total TD’s in first two years (93)

Total INT’s thrown first 2 years (10)                         Total INT’s thrown in first 2 years (22)

66% completion percentage first 2 years                  69% completion percentage first 2 years

Total passing yards first 2 years (6,033)             Total passing yards in first 2 years (7,820)

Total rush yards first 2 years (1,568)              Total rush yards in first 2 years (2,169 yards)

Total yards in first 2 years (7,601)                                Total yards in first 2 years (9,989)


Both played with heart, desire and passion at the college level. Both were great leaders on the field. But after looking at the numbers and information provided above, is there anything that really stands out as to why Johnny Manziel has a chance to be a better quarterback in the NFL than Tim Tim Tebow? I’m not saying Manziel will. I’m not saying he won’t. I’m just presenting you with comparable information and stats for the two players and would love to hear your reasons why you believe one way or another. Let me know here at www.KennyRoda.com or on Twitter @TheKennyRoda.


1   Houston                      Jadeveon Clowney            DE           South Carolina

2   St. Louis                      Sammy Watkins               WR         Clemson

3   Jacksonville                Khalil Mack                       LB            Buffalo

4   Cleveland                    Johnny Manziel               QB           Texas A&M

5   Oakland                      Mike Evans                       WR          Texas A&M

6   Atlanta                        Jake Matthews                OT           Texas A&M

7   Tampa Bay                 Aaron Donald                   DT            Pitt

8   Minnesota                  Blake Bortles                    QB            UCF

9   Buffalo                        Greg Robinson                 OT             Auburn

10  Detroit                       Darqueze Dennnard        CB            Michigan State

11  Tennessee                 Justin Gilbert                    CB            Oklahoma State

12  NY Giants                  Taylor Lewan                    OT            Michigan

13  St. Louis                     Zack Martin                      OG            Notre Dame

14  Chicago                     Calvin Pryor                       SS             Louisville

15 Pittsburgh                  Odell Beckham Jr.           WR            LSU

16  Dallas                         Ha Ha Clinton-Dix            FS              Alabama

17  Baltimore                  Cyrus Kouandjio               OT             Alabama

18  NY Jets                       Brandin Cooks                 WR           Oregon State

19  Miami                        Antonio Richardson         OT             Tennessee

20  Arizona                      Derek Carr                        QB            Fresno State

21  Green Bay                 Eric Ebron                          TE             North Carolina

22  Philadelphia              Anthony Barr                    LB             UCLA

23  Kansas City               Marqise Lee                      WR           USC

24  Cincinnati                  Kyle Fuller                         CB           Virginia Tech

25  San Diego                  Jason Verrett                    CB           TCU

26  Cleveland                  C.J. Mosley                        LB           Alabama

27  New Orleans            Marcus Martin                   C             USC

28  Carolina                    Moses Morgan                  OT          Virginia

29  New England            Stephon Tuitt                   DT           Notre Dame

30  San Francisco           Ryan Shazier                     LB           Ohio State

31  Denver                      Trent Murphy                   LB           Stanford

32  Seattle                       Louis Nix III                     DT          Notre Dame



4.    CLEVELAND BROWNS          Johnny Manziel           QB     Texas AM

15.    PITTSBURGH STEELERS            Darqueze Dennard            CB       Michigan State

17.    BALTIMORE RAVENS                 Zack Martin                        OT       Notre Dame

24.    CINCINNATI BENGALS              Kyle Fuller                          CB        Virginia Tech

26.  CLEVELAND BROWNS         Marquise Lee               WR     USC     


*Bonus Pick                                                    2ND ROUND

35.  CLEVELAND BROWNS         Cyrus Kouandjio           OT    Bama                                         (Gotta Protect Johnny Football)