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PRO – He has that “IT” factor. He generates a buzz with everything he does on and off the field and that, to a point, will help you sell tickets and merchandise.

CON – Being such a free spirit off the field could get him in trouble and hurt his image and your team’s.

PRO – He’s a winner. He beat Alabama and took an average football school in Texas A&M and turned them into a contender in the vaunted SEC and became the first freshman ever to win the Heisman.

CON – While the Aggies contended, they didn’t win the SEC, let alone a national championship and he didn’t win the Heisman in his sophomore year.

PRO – His escapability allows him to turn bad plays into good plays and sometimes even great plays.

CON – His escapability creates extra opportunities for him to take unwanted hits from what will be bigger, faster and stronger NFL players.

PRO – Looks like he has the arm strength to make every throw that a QB needs to make in the NFL.

CON – His size could hurt him in trying to make those throws from inside the pocket especially with somewhat of a sidearm delivery.

PRO – He has very good leadership qualities.

CON – Tim Tebow had those same good leadership qualities and he’s working at ESPN already.

PRO – He throws well on the run and outside the pocket, he’s very accurate in those throws.

CON – He struggles the most from throwing inside the pocket where he will be asked to make most of his throws in the NFL.

PRO – Despite his size (5’11-207), he’s a very good athlete and makes that work for him on the field.

CON – His size and frame are average to below average in the NFL for a quarterback and teams are not sure his body could withstand the punishment it will take at the NFL level.

PRO – He has big hands which allows him to grip the ball well and helped him at the college level in making players miss on designed runs or broken plays.

CON – Because of those big hands he has the tendency to hold the ball out like a loaf of bread when runs and scrambles which could lead to fumbles at the NFL level.

PRO – He understands the game and is a pretty intelligent kid with a huge heart and a love for the game.

CON – Is he smart enough to know he’s going to have to change the way he plays if he wants to be successful at the NFL level and last longer than another running, scrambling type quarterback that is now a broadcaster after just 4 years in the NFL.