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It can’t be long now before the owners make it happen.  No, not the Kevin Love trade to Cleveland that everyone is waiting on, but jersey sponsorship for big dollars with the professional sports teams in the U.S.

If 20 Premiere League teams can bring in $325 million for one season with jersey sponsorships, imagine what 32 NFL teams could bring in for one 16 game season. How about 30 MLB teams over 4,860 regular season games or the NBA with its world wide appeal for about 100 games, if your team makes it to the finals. Even the NHL would make a bundle with their multiple country appeal.

After reading a story like the one posted here – http://www.cbssports.com/general/eye-on-sports/24641471/report-premier-league-jersey-sponsorships-worth-record-325-million – I’ve got to believe that owners in the NBA, NFL, MLB and the NHL will be talking to their league commissioners about making this happen sooner rather than later!

It could be a major plus for the small market teams in Major League Baseball where there is no salary cap and the have-nots can maybe make up some ground on the haves in creating revenue to then turn around and spend those dollars on big name free agents to become more competitive.

In the other leagues, owners may just want to sell jersey sponsorship to bring in more dollars so they can add it to their already growing bank accounts or possibly to put some of the money back into their stadiums, arenas or their farm system.

Owners of professional sports teams are usually smart, greedy business men and I can’t see them missing out on this cash cow for much longer. So get ready for your Cleveland Browns, Cavs and Indians to have more than their team name or city on the front or back of their actual game jerseys. You’ll get used to it after a while and if it allows Larry Dolan, Jimmy Haslam or Dan Gilbert to make their teams better, you’ll accept it  just like soccer fans do.