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1  Peyton Manning                          Broncos                     Bye Week         4

2  Aaron Rodgers                             Packers                      Bye Week         9

3  Drew Brees                                   Saints                         Bye Week         6

4  Matthew Stafford                        Lions                          Bye Week         9

5  Colin Kaepernick                          49ers                         Bye Week        8

6  Andrew Luck                                 Colts                          Bye Week       10

7  Tom Brady                                     Patriots                     Bye Week       10

8  Matt Ryan                                      Falcons                     Bye Week        9

9  Nick Foles                                      Eagles                        Bye Week        7

10 Robert Griffin III                          Redskins                   Bye Week     10

11 Jay Cutler                                      Bears                        Bye Week        9

12 Cam Newton                                Panthers                  Bye Week        12



1  Jamaal Charles                             Chiefs                           Bye Week          6

2  Lesean McCoy                              Eagles                           Bye Week          7

3  Matt Forte                                    Bears                            Bye Week          9

4  Adrian Peterson                          Vikings                          Bye Week         10

5  Marshawn Lynch                         Seahawks                    Bye Week          4

6  Eddie Lacy                                     Packers                        Bye Week         9

7  Le’Veon Bell                                 Steelers                        Bye Week         12

8  DeMarco Murray                        Cowboys                      Bye Week         11

9  Giovani Bernard                          Eagles                           Bye Week         4

10 Arian Foster                                Texans                         Bye Week        10

11 Montee Ball                                Broncos                       Bye Week            4

12 Ben Tate                                      Browns                        Bye Week          4


G.M. Ray Farmer and the Cleveland Browns feel they have made significant moves this offseason through the draft and free agency that will help them win football games in the NFL. But with the moves they have made, will it increase the value of any of their players when it comes to Fantasy football?

Here’s how I approach my Fantasy Football season and the player rankings. I have my own ideas on who I have ranked high and who I like for the upcoming season. I then go and buy my annual Fantasy magazine, which is Sports Illustrated and I also download information from two other highly reputable Fantasy outlets, ESPN.com and CBSSportsline.com. I then take the average of all four to come up with my rankings for my draft cheat sheet.

In starting my research it has become apparent to me that not many players on the Browns offense are being considered as starters or must haves on Fantasy rosters this year. With that in mind, here are the players and where the three major magazines/websites have Browns players ranked.

Sports Illustrated

QB – Johnny Manziel – 34th

QB – Brian Hoyer – 19th

RB – Ben Tate – 21st

WR – Josh Gordon 70th

WR – Andrew Hawkins – 82nd

TE – Jordan Cameron – 10th


QB – Johnny Manziel – 23rd

QB – Brian Hoyer – 35th

RB – Ben Tate – 16th

WR – Josh Gordon – Not Ranked in Top 80

WR – Andrew Hawkins – 54th

TE – Jordan Cameron – 6th


QB – Johnny Manziel – 26th and  29th

QB – Brian Hoyer – Not Ranked in Top 32

RB – Ben Tate – 27th and  27th

WR – Josh Gordon – Not Ranked in Top 60

WR – Andrew Hawkins – Not Ranked in Top 60

TE – Jordan Cameron – 5th and  10th

So as you can see tight end Jordan Cameron, in the eyes of the experts, is your highest ranked Cleveland Browns player when it comes to expected Fantasy Football production this season. Josh Gordon would have been the top ranked Browns player if he didn’t have the potential season long suspension hanging over his head. However, not knowing his status at this point either has him ranked very low or not ranked at all. Should Gordon’s potential season long suspension be reduced, or if he miraculously is cleared to play in all 16 games this season, then he would once again be a top 10, if not a top 5 receiver on almost everybody’s boards and the top ranked Browns player.