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FoxSportsOhio.com NBA writer Sam Amico and I chewing the fat over what the Cavaliers are going to do in the NBA Draft as well as our thoughts on new coach David Blatt and where LeBron might end up.

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After being told he was not their choice to be their head coach in a tight race with David Blatt, Tyronn Lue was offered the Cleveland Cavaliers associate head coaching job. Early reports indicated Lue was going to turn down the offer and remain Doc Rivers’ assistant in L.A. with the Clippers.

tyronn-lue-nba-los-angeles-clippers-phoenix-sunsHowever after talking it over with his family and Doc Rivers, Lue decided to accept the Cavs offer to be Blatt’s right hand man.  The Cavs contract offer is reportedly worth $4.5 million over 3 years with a club option for a 4th year at $2 million. This contract will reportedly make Lue the highest paid assistant coach in the NBA. The title of associate head coach also moves Lue a step closer to his ultimate goal of becoming a NBA head coach in the future.

While the Cavs have yet to officially confirm this story, numerous media outlets including Yahoo! Sports, the Cleveland Plain Dealer and ESPN are reporting it as a done deal.

More to follow soon on Lue’s hiring from KennyRoda.com


From Princeton to Europe to Cleveland. That’s the path David Blatt has taken over 20 years to be a head coach in the NBA.

David Blatt

Blatt becomes the 20th head coach in Cleveland Cavaliers history, replacing the recently fired Mike Brown.

ESPN’s Brian Windhorst is reporting it’s a three year deal with a fourth year team option for the man who led Maccabi Tel Aviv to the 2014 Euroleague championship.

Blatt who has never played or coached in the NBA is known for his offensive mind and he beat out former Lakers point guard and current Clippers assistant coach Tyronn Lue for the job.

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In the  team’s official press release, Cavs G.M. David Griffin said, “David is a great basketball coach and a special person.  His abilities to communicate, to build relationships with his players and to foster winning environments at several stops throughout Europe and across the highest levels of International competition speaks for itself.  He brings unbridled passion, energy and creativity to his craft. These qualities have enabled David to reach a level of success that is truly unique. I have watched David’s work for many years. He has an uncanny ability to adapt his system to maximize the talents of his teams year after year. That is why I am very confident he will make a smooth transition to the NBA.  There is a great opportunity to accelerate the progress of moving our team and franchise to the higher level of play we all believe we are capable of achieving. I am excited that the experience, knowledge, skills and leadership David will bring to the Cavaliers is the right fit at the right time.” 

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Cavs majority owner Dan Gilbert had this to say about his new head coach, “David Blatt is going to bring some of the most innovative approaches found in professional basketball anywhere on the globe. Time and time again, from Russia to Israel and several other prominent head coaching jobs in between, David has done one thing: ‘win’. He is not only an innovator, well-trained and focused on both sides of the court, but he is always learning and always teaching. Whether you are a top draft pick just entering the league, or a seasoned NBA veteran, Coach Blatt is going to take your game and the game of the team you are playing for to a new and higher level. That’s just who the man is and we are proud to call him our new head coach. We are driven by one thing and one thing only; delivering Cavaliers fans everywhere and the city of a Cleveland the kind of competitive basketball they deserve. I look forward to David’s leadership in helping the entire Cavaliers organization realize our vision.”


The 55 year old Blatt shared these thoughts in the Cavs press release,   “I couldn’t be more excited about the opportunity to come to Cleveland and lead the Cavaliers as their head coach. After spending a great deal of time discussing the organization, the team and the head coach’s role with David Griffin, I feel strongly about my fit for the job and this team’s potential. This is an opportune time to join the Cleveland Cavaliers. We are going to work extremely hard to achieve the kind of results we all expect and know are possible,” said Blatt.  “I also want to thank Dan Gilbert, Nate Forbes, Jeff Cohen, and many others within the Cavaliers front office, for their belief and confidence in me and what we can accomplish together. This is a proud day for me, personally, but I hope just the first of many more for all of us as we work towards a very bright future. I have always heard about how great of a sports town Cleveland is and have come to understand how much fans here care about the Cavaliers. This makes me feel especially excited and comfortable to join this community but above all motivates me to help deliver in a big way.” 

Blatt will be introduced to the media during a Wednesday, June 25th press conference at Cleveland Clinic Courts at 11am.




The Cavaliers and David Blatt are reportedly in negotiations to finalize a contract to make him the next head coach of the Cavs.

YahooSports.com’s Adrian Wojarnowski was first to report that Blatt was offered the job.

My sources tell me it was a tough decision for the Cavs front office to choose between Blatt, the highly successful and respected European head coach and Clippers assistant coach Tyronn Lue.  So tough, that when the Cavs told Lue by phone that the job was Blatt’s, they then offered Lue an associate head coaching position with the Cavs. Lue however is leaning towards turning it down to stay with the Clippers. I reached out to the Cavaliers to confirm this, but did not hear back from them at the time this story was written.

Even though Lue played 11 years in the NBA and has been a Doc Rivers assistant with both the Celtics and Clippers, what reportedly worked against Lue was that he had no head coaching experience at any level.

If the Cavs and Blatt do reach an agreement, he’ll be the Cavs third head coach in the last three years, following Mike Brown and Byron Scott.

The Cavs have yet to officially confirm or deny the numerous Blatt reports.


Writers note – This story was written before Joel Embiid suffered a right foot injury and it is being evaluated. If the injury is serious, along with his recent back issues, it could change a lot in my plan to “Land LeBron”!

If the Cavaliers are serious about trying to reunite with LeBron James and get him to return to Cleveland as a free agent this off season, there are a number of things they need to do before free agency starts on July 1st to even have a chance of making this happen. I’m not saying it will, I’m saying it would better their chances.

LeBron James photo small 11-27-13

First off, since they don’t have a Pat Riley or Phil Jackson in the front office they need to hire a coach who’s been a winner on the sidelines, played in the NBA and has some cache and a name. Right now none of their reported candidates have that combination.  Tyronn Lue doesn’t. Neither does Alvin Gentry or David Blatt. While there is no proven, championship winning coach available out there, the closest thing to a coach who’s been successful on the sidelines, has played the game and has some “street cred” to go along with his game smarts is Mark Jackson.

That move I believe would get LeBron’s attention while he is on vacation with his family and thinking about his future.  Problem is, according to a story I read from the News-Herald/Morning Journal’s Bob Finnan today, he had a quote from Jackson in the article saying that reports that the Cavs have contacted him are, “Nothing but rumors and speculation.”  If that indeed is the case, and G.M. David Griffin has said they will leave no stone unturned as they search for their next head coach, you have to ask yourself why haven’t the Cavs contacted Mark Jackson?  What are they waiting for, especially if they are thinking about trying to lure LBJ back to C’Town?

Secondly, if you’re not going to make a major trade for Kevin Love, and the only way I do that if I’m the Cavs is if I get Love to sign a contract extension, then you draft center Joel Embiid. Now granted, you have to feel confident that after putting him through all of your medical tests that his back is fine, but if it is, then you go get the “Big” out of Kansas.

Embiid has a ton of upside, and while right now he’s still a little raw on offense, he reportedly impressed the Cavs in his work out by showing off his great foot work and the ability to shoot the basketball from some distance, along with a nice touch around the rim. While his offense is a work in progress and there is evidence there that it will develop, he can make his presence felt in his rookie season with his defense and rebounding. Right away he gives the Cavs a much needed rim protector in blocking shots and altering others. Plus his rebounding would allow the Cavs to get out and run more and get easy baskets in transition.

So if Jackson ended up being your coach and Embiid was the choice as the first overall pick in the draft, you would have your coach who’s got some swag to go along with his winning record in the NBA as your bench boss and you’d have a young legitimate center with a lot of potential and the ability to patrol the paint. On top of that you’d have a fourth year all-star point guard in Kyrie Irving, a third year shooting guard in Dion Waiters, plus some cap space and maneuverability to fill some other spots on your roster through trade or free agency.


There have been some reports out there that LeBron and Kyrie don’t get along that well any more, or that James doesn’t want to play with a ball dominate point guard. I say that’s hogwash. After seeing how a lack of point guard play killed the Heat in the NBA Finals against San Antonio this year, I believe LBJ understands the importance of having a top notch point guard in today’s game and would sacrifice being in control of the offense the majority of the time if it meant more wins and less minutes for him as he gets older.

LeBron and Kyrie shake hands at Z jersey Ceremony 3-8-14

While none of what I just wrote would guarantee that LeBron James will decide to opt out of his contract in Miami and come back to Cleveland this off season as a free agent, I believe if the Cavs are serious about bringing James home again, it has to start there. If LeBron is not in their plans, then they can consider hiring a Tyronn Lue or a David Blatt as their inexperienced head coach and fill the small forward hole on their roster by picking either Andrew Wiggins or Jabari Parker and continue to build for the future with a young squad growing together over time.

But if the Cavaliers want to try and lure LeBron back and win right away, bold moves and chances have to be taken by Dan Gilbert and David Griffin, and hiring Jackson and drafting Embiid would be the place to start!



FoxSportsOhio.com NBA Beat Writer Sam Amico joined me just hours after the Heat lost to the Spurs in the NBA Finals and we quickly got into what that means for LeBron’s future. Will he opt out and become a Free Agent? If so, could he come back to Clevleand?Who are the Cavs going to take with that number #1 pick and who’s going to be coaching the “Wine and Gold” next year? Listen Here –

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G.M. David Griffin and the Cavs will interview former Cavaliers point guard Mark Price for their vacant head coaching position on Tuesday, June 10th. @PDcavsinsider on Twitter was first to report this story.

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Price, a four time All-Star who played in Cleveland from 1986-95 and was an All-NBA first teamer for the Cavs in 1993, has been an assistant coach with the Charlotte Bobcats/ Hornets for the past year after spending time with the Nuggets, Hawks, Warriors and Magic as an instructor or assistant coach dating back to 2007.

One of the trends in the NBA now in finding new head coaches is hiring former NBA players who’ve had some success in the league and proved to be a leader both on and off the court, along with working their way up the coaching ranks as an assistant. Price, who just turned 50 back in February, meets that criteria.

Price joins at least Alvin Gentry, Vinny Del Negro, Lionel Hollins, Adrian Griffin, David Blatt and Tyronn Lue as individuals who have interviewed, or reportedly interviewed for the Cavs head coaching position.

The Lakers and Cavaliers remain as the only two NBA teams still without a head coach after former Lakers and Thunder point guard Derrick Fisher, reportedly will sign a 5-year deal worth $25 million dollars to be the new head coach for the New York Knicks.



The NBA Draft is a little over two weeks away and the Cavs still don’t have a head coach. Are they getting closer to hiring one? If so, who’s the leader in the clubhouse? Listen here:

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If you’re a LeBron James fan and you’re hoping he might return to Cleveland in the off season, the only chance, and it’s a small one, the Cavs have off possibly getting LBJ to think about leaving Miami this off season and considering the Cavaliers in free agency is, if the Heat lose to the Spurs in the NBA Finals. This would nullify LeBron and the Heat a chance of going for a four-peat next year.  So if you want LeBron back, you’re thinking – Go Spurs Go!

Having said that, I picked the Heat to win the title at the beginning of the season, then again at the start of the playoffs and I’m sticking with them in 6 games over the Spurs. However I will be pulling for Timmy, Manu and Tony to exact their revenge after giving away the title last year.

The Cavs have talked with at least four head coaching candidates in Adrian Griffin, Tyronn Lue, Alvin Gentry and Lionel Hollins. Griffin and Lue are the hot, young assistants looking for their first chance to be a head coach in the NBA, while gentry and Hollins are the older, retreads if you will, who have had some success as head coaches in the NBA, but have never made it past the conference finals. It’ll be interesting to see which way new Cavs G.M. David Griffin and owner Dan Gilbert want to go.

Not sure who the clubhouse leader is, but keep this in mind. Gentry was with David Griffin in Phoenix and has some ties to Dan Gilbert when Gentry was with the Pistons.

But I’ve heard that Adrian Griffin had a very good interview and Bulls head coach Tom Thibodeau has given him a ringing endorsement. Lue is respected throughout the league and has learned from one of the best head coaches in the league in Doc Rivers over the last 5 years.

My choice is still Fred Hoiberg from Iowa St., but sources tell me “The Mayor” is leaning towards staying in the college game for now, but I’m not ruling him out just yet.

Other names could pop up and we’ve probably missed some names of coaches they have at least made a phone call to. As David Griffin told us at his press conference, they’re in no hurry to name their coach because they want to make sure in their eyes, they get the right coach, not the first coach.

In case you were wondering my top three draft picks are 1-Andrew Wiggins, 2-Joel Embiid and 3-Jabari Parker. I’ve heard the Cavs top three are 1-Joel Embiid, 2-Andrew Wiggins and 3-Jabari Parker. Embiid is number one on the Cavs list pending a team physical and battery of tests on that questionable back of his.

After getting swept in Chicago by the White Sox, the Indians answered with a huge bounce back series sweep this weekend over the Rockies,  capped off by Michael Bourn’s walk-off 2-run homer on Sunday. The Tribe now with an A.L. best (18-11) home record with three more games left at Progressive Field this week against the Red Sox.

As for the Browns, sounds like his trips to Vegas and L.A. haven’t hurt Johnny Manziel’s performance on the practice field. While he hasn’t been perfect, he’s performed well from what I’ve been told. So I’ll say it today, like I did a week or so ago, chill out and judge the kid based on what he does on the field.

If you want to judge a player for his stupidity off the field then judge Josh Gordon. Gordon is just flat out stupid. Do you not want to play in the NFL? You’re waiting on the results of your appeal with the league involving a drug test and then you go and get a ticket for speeding with supposedly, allegedly marijuana in the car belonging to your friends. That’s just flat out STUPID! The Browns have to seriously consider just cutting ties with Gordon regardless of how talented he is on the field!