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Tyronn Lue Postgame - Game 2 vs Detroit

TYRONN LUE – He was the first individual  that popped into my mind as the good from this first round series. He out coached and Stan Van Gundy with his adjustments and out of bounds plays or as they’re known in NBA circles – ATO’s – After Time Out plays! Not bad for only coaching half a regular season and coaching in his 1st ever playoff series as the head coach.

Kevin Love, James & Irving at Podium Postgame vs Detroit Game 1

THE BIG THREE – They finally looked like they can play together. They clicked in this series. Each of them had their moments and in those moments helped the team win games. They combined to average 69ppg – 23.2rpg – 13.2apg.

Kyrie Walking Off Court


KYRIE IRVING – He looked healthy, shot the ball well from distance, didn’t over dribble for the most part, actually played some defense especially on the final play of Game #4 and did something that is very rarely done, he led a LeBron James team in individual scoring with 27.5 points per game in a playoff series!



LeBRON JAMES – He continued his great all-around game attacking the basket at times in the series but still not enough for me. Hopefully he will attack the rim more in the next round, but you can’t argue with his final numbers in sweep (22.8ppg – 9rpg – 6.8apg). “The King” has been in “Zero Dark Thirty – 23” mode for quite some time now and is playing  his best basketball of the season.

LeBron James In Game Lay Up Game 1

KEVIN LOVE  Despite not shooting it well at 41% from the field, he did score points 18.8ppg and led the team in rebounding 12rpg and his effort was outstanding on defense even though he may not have always been that effective. A good series for Love, and like Irving he came out of it healthy and gained some valuable playoff experience!

J.R. SMITH – “Swish” did his job in three of the four games knocking down three-point shots and unbelievable “end of the shot clock baskets” to become that fourth scorer that the Cavaliers need. He also played good defense and kept his cool, which is paramount for him and this team moving forward. In other words, he didn’t lose his mind and have a J.R. moment that could hurt his team.

MATTHEW DELLAVEDOVA – “Delly” was the one consistent player off the bench as he played outstanding on offense and defense. The Cavaliers need him to continue this type of play throughout the playoffs and into the NBA finals.

TRISTAN THOMPSON – His Numbers don’t look great but he was the sacrificial lamb in this series and accepted that role. He had to give up statistics and take one for the team in guarding “HUGE” Andre Drummond and he did an outstanding job of that. A total team player.

A SERIES SWEEP – Regardless of how it happened, anytime you can “Broom” a team in the playoffs and come out of that series healthy it’s a great thing. Now you can rest and watch the next team you’re going to play in the NBA Playoffs as they continue to battle in their first round series and maybe get a little banged up or at the very least, get tired The less games you have to play, the less chance a player on your team can get hurt.


  1. START FAST – In Game #1 the Cavs looked rusty and Kevin Love looked nervous playing in his first ever playoff game. That allowed the Celtics to get off early, make shots, take a 31-27 lead into the 2nd quarter and it gave them confidence. In Game #2 with the rust and nervous gone, the Cavs need to come out aggressive at both ends of the floor, move the ball and jump on Boston from the get go to take away that confidence and impose their will on a far less talented team.
  2. KEEP THE PEDAL TO THE METAL – Once the Cavaliers did take control in Game #1, leading Boston by 20 points they started settling for shots instead of continuing to run their offense and play solid defense. This allowed the Celtics to crawl back to within 6 points in the 2nd half. In Game #2 once the Cavs get up by double-digits they need to keep their foot on the gas and play the game and not the scoreboard. Do what got you the big lead instead of taking for granted you have the big lead and think you can take any shot you want to. Finish them!
  3. THE BIG 3 NEED TO BE BIG AGAIN – When LeBron James, Kyrie Irving and Kevin Love score 65 or more points in a game the Cavaliers are (21-4) this year. They had 69 points in Game #1. For the Cavs to win the championship this season, those three players have to carry this team to the title. Yes, they have other players on this team who need to contribute, but Cleveland will only go as far as the “BIG 3” takes them. But the “BIG 3” need to take good shots, as opposed to just shooting because of who they are. As Kyrie Irving said in his post-game interview after Game #1, “We have to hold each other accountable. It’s as simple as it can be. We got together, we are the BIG 3. We have other great players on this team, but we set the tone.”
  4. CHAIRMEN OF THE BOARDS – The Cavs have a huge advantage under the basket with Love, LeBron, Timofey Mozgov and Tristan Thompson. Those 4 players had 32 rebounds in Game #1, the Celtics as a team had 34. The Cavaliers not only outrebounded Boston in the first game of the series (46-34) but Cleveland dominated the offensive boards as well (15-7) which led to 18 second chance points. David Blatt’s team needs to continue to control the boards and in doing so it can limit Boston to one shot and it could lead to more fast break opportunities for the Cavs who only tallied 4 fast break points in Game #1.
  5. BALL MOVEMENT – For the most part in Game #1 we didn’t see a lot of the “Stankey Leg” offense by the Cavs. However, to get other players involved more in the offense better ball movement, consistent ball movement is a must. Work inside out. Move the ball side to side and make Boston’s defense work for the full 24 seconds of the shot clock. This will allow the “BIG 3” to still score their points, but it should also get Mozgov. J.R. Smith and Iman Shumpert more involved in the offense, getting them open looks.