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David Blatt and David Griffin Podium Photo Meida Day 2014

With the preseason no over and the Cavaliers have emerged healthy, it’s go time for the games that really matter. David Blatt will trim his roster to 15. Here’s how I see that roster to start the season with, but I’m looking to still add Ray Allen  at some point, and most importantly, a much needed rim protector. The first two guys to go if G.M. David Griffin can continue to work his magic would be A.J. Price and either Alex Kirk or Lou Amundson. But for now here’s my “Fine 15” for the 2014-15 Cleveland Cavaliers.


PG – Kyrie Irving, Matthew Dellavedova, A.J. Price

SG – Dion Waiters, Mike Miller, Joe Harris

SF – LeBron James, Shawn Marion, James Jones

PF – Kevin Love, Tristan Thompson, Lou Amundson

C – Anderson Varejao, Brendan Haywood, Alex Kirk


FoxSportsOhio.com Cavs beat reporter Sam Amico joined me to look back at Cavs Media Day and look ahead to the challenges that LeBron and this new Cavs team will face in the pre-season and beyond.

Sam Amico Photo


With the Kevin Love trade finalized, the Cavaliers roster is almost complete. They still are waiting to hear from Ray Allen on whether he’ll retire, or if he’ll return for another year, and if he does, will it be with the Cavs? Sources tell me that “Jesus Shuttlesowrth” will make up his mind after Labor Day and that the Cavaliers are the front runner for his services now that Kevin Love has officially joined LeBron James and Kyrie Irving in Cleveland.


David Griffin,  photo - Copy


G.M. David Griffin also needs to add a rim protector to his roster via free agency or trade, and again sources tell me Griff is working hard at trying to accomplish that soon.

So here’s what the Cavaliers roster looks like as of today:



PG – Kyrie Irving – 22 years old – 21ppg-6apg-3rg


SG – Dion Waiters – 22 years old – 16ppg-3apg-3rpg


SG – Joe Harris – 22 years old – Rookie


PF – Tristan Thompson – 23 years old – 12ppg-9rpg


PG – Matthew Dellavedova  – 23 years old – 5ppg-2apg


PF – Dwight Powell – 23 years old – Rookie


PF – Kevin Love – 25 years old – 26ppg-12rpg-4apg


SF – LeBron James – 29 years old – 27ppg-7rpg-6apg


C – Anderson Varjao – 31 years old – 8ppg-9rpg


SF – James Jones – 33 years old – 5ppg – 50%(3fg)


SF – Mike Miller – 34 years old – 7ppg – 47%(3fg)


C – Brendan Haywood – 34 years old – DNP Hurt


SF – Shawn Marion – 36 years old – 10ppg-6rpg


C – Alex Kirk – 22 years old – Undrafted Rookie


PF – Erik Murphy – 23 years old – 0.3ppg – 0.3rpg


PG – John Lucas III – 31 years old – 3.1ppg – 1.0apg


(Average Age of the 16 Players – 27 years old)


Strong Possibilities To Be Added To The Roster:


SG – Ray Allen – 39 years old – 9ppg – 37%(3fg)


C – ????? Rim Protector



Enjoyed my conversation today with Bull and Fox on 92.3 The Fan. If you missed it, you can listen to my breakdown of the Cavs adding Mike Miller, Kevin Love trade rumors and more Cavs talk right here – 


Everyone else is making their prediction on where “The King” is headed, so I guess it’s time for the “The Great Rodini” to make his prediction on where he thinks LeBron James will be playing basketball next season.

After talking to old and new sources, in bars, stores, at the library, via Twitter, through e-mails and of course using my crystal ball, I have come up with these five predictions about LeBron James.


1. LeBron will choose to sign with Cleveland over Miami because of:

The Cavs younger, deeper roster, led by two-time All-Star Kyrie Irving who just committed long term. Add to that #1 overall pick Andrew Wiggins, Dion Waiters, Tristan Thompson and LeBron’s buddy Anderson Varejao. This gives “King James” a chance to win now and in the future. The Cavaliers could also use some of that young talent in a trade to lure another All-Star like Kevin Love to C’Town. Plus G.M. David Griffin has salary cap and roster flexibility to go along with multiple first round draft picks to use in deals to improve the roster. Also, while they’re not the best of friends any more, LeBron knows that owner Dan Gilbert will pay money into the luxury tax if necessary to help the team win.

2. LeBron will announce this “Decision” via social media on his website at LeBronJames.com and on Twitter @KingJames.

“The Decision” TV show was a disaster and LeBron knows that and learned from that. As I’ve been saying for months now, he will use new media to announce this “Decision” and in turn, drive traffic to his website and add more followers to his Twitter account.

3. LeBron’s website headline – “Coming Home – Unfinished Business”.

The headline says it all. He returns home to Akron/Cleveland and fulfills his original promise of bringing a championship to the Cavaliers.

4. LeBron will switch from his old #23 he wore with the Cavs to his new number #32.

He’s returning to C’Town, but since a lot of people burned his old number #23 jersey, why not start fresh with a number he wore in high school his freshman year at St. Vincent St. Mary’s high school and at the McDonalds All American Game at The Q. Plus it forces those who did keep their #23 jersey’s to go out and buy the new #32 LeBron jersey. Just a smart business move.

5. LeBron will convince Ray Allen to come play for the Cavs.

The one area the Cavaliers still need to improve in is their outside shooting and why not bring in the greatest 3-point shooter in NBA history with him to Cleveland since Allen is a free agent.

There you have it, not one, not two, not three, not four, but five predictions about what’s next for LeBron James.

Welcome Home LeBron!


PS – On the slight chance “The Great Rodini” might be a little off and “The Godfather” of the NBA Pat Riley convinces James to stay in South Beach, expect it to be for just one or two years and then we’ll go through this all over again!


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