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Don’t snooze on these players in the draft. They are my Rip Van Winkles. Some are just flat out sleepers that may get passed over in the first round. Others are sleepers from the standpoint of I have them ranked higher than other draft junkies and maybe some teams do. Bottom line is I believe these guys “Got Game” and can play in the NBA regardless of where they are drafted.


1 Jordan Adams          SG  –    6’5   –   UCLA             –  17.4ppg – 5.3rpg

2 Jarnell Stokes           PF   –   6’9   –   Tennessee   –   15.1ppg – 10.6rpg

3 Glen Robinson III    SF   –   6’7   –   Michigan      –   13.1ppg – 4.4rpg

4 DeAndre Daniels      SF   –   6’9   –   U-CONN        – 13.1ppg – 6.0rpg

5 Cleanthony Early     SF   –   6’7   –   Wichita St.    –   16.4ppg – 5.9rpg

6 K.J. McDaniels         SF    –   6’6   –   Clemson       –    17.1ppg – 7.1rpg


When NBA General Managers put a file together on a player they are thinking about selecting in the NBA Draft, they’re looking for any numbers and information that may help them get an edge over their fellow G.M.’s. With that in mind, one of the things I look at, and they may look at is, how efficient is a player when he shoots the ball from the field, from 3-point range and the free throw line.

So I take the different shooting categories and add their percentages together to create an overall shooting efficiency number. Below are two lists. The first is field goal percentage, plus 3-point percentage, plus free throw percentage. The second list is field goal percentage plus free throw percentage.


Field Goal Percentage + 3-Point Field Goal Percentage + Free Throw Percentage

1   Doug McDermott       53%FG + 45%(3FG) + 86%FT     =    184

2   Nik Stauskas              47%FG + 44%(3FG) + 82%FT     =     173

3   Noah Vonleh             52%FG + 48%(3FG) + 72%FT     =      172

4   Adreian Payne          50%FG + 42%(3FG) + 79%FT     =     171

Cleanthony Early      49%FG + 38%(3FG) + 84%FT     =     171

Shabazz Napier         43%FG + 41%(3FG) + 87%FT     =      171

7   Kyle Anderson          48%FG + 48%(3FG) + 74%FT     =      170

8   Rodney Hood           46%FG  + 42%(3FG) + 81%FT     =      169

9   DeAndre Daniels      47%FG + 42%(3FG) + 79%FT     =      168

10 Jordan Adams           46%FG + 36%(3FG) + 84%FT     =     166

11 Gary Harris                43%FG + 35%(3FG) + 81%FT     =     159

12 Jabari Parker             47%FG + 36%(3FG) + 75%FT     =     158

13 Glen Robinson III     49%FG + 31%(3FG) + 76%FT     =     156

14 Andrew Wiggins        45%FG + 34%(3FG) + 76%FT     =     155

15 Tyler Ennis                41%FG + 35%(3FG) + 77%FT     =     153

16 Joel Embiid               63%FG + 20%(3FG) + 69%FT     =     152

17 Zach Lavine              44%FG + 38%(3FG) + 69%FT     =     151

18 James Young            41%FG + 35%(3FG) + 71%FT     =     147

19 Marcus Smart          42%Fg + 30%(3FG) + 73%FT      =     145

20 Julius Randle            50%FG + 17%(3FG) + 71%FT     =     138



1   Doug McDermott       53%FG + 86%FT     =    139

2   Cleanthony Early      49%FG + 84%FT     =     133

3   Joel Embiid                63%FG + 69%FT     =     132

4   Shabazz Napier         43%FG + 87%FT     =     130

Jordan Adams           46%FG + 84%FT     =     130

6   Nik Stauskas              47%FG + 82%FT     =     129

Adreian Payne          50%FG + 79%FT     =      129

8   Rodney Hood            46%FG + 81%Ft     =       127

9   DeAndre Daniels      47%FG + 79%FT     =      126

10 Glen Robinson III     49%FG + 76%FT     =    125


The Cavs biggest needs this off season via the draft, free agency or trades are very simple, they need a center and they need multiple wing players.

When you look at their roster they’re overloaded at point guard with Kyrie Irving, Jarrett Jack and Matthew Dellavedova.

While their shooting guards really aren’t shooting guards, they feel they have a young pair in Waiters and Sergey Karasev.  Waiters to me is a point guard, or at least what I call a “Ball Guard”. He needs the ball in his hands in order to be effective and that really doesn’t mesh well when he and Kyrie Irving are on the floor together. The Cavs may be willing to try one more season to see if Irving and Waiters can create chemistry on the floor together, but then again remember; David Griffin didn’t draft either one of them so he may be willing to pull the trigger on a trade of one or the other.  But for now let’s say Waiters stays.

Tristan Thompson and Anthony Bennett are their power forwards, while neither one of those guys excite meet, at least they have what is considered a starter on this team, in Thompson. So again that takes us back to small forward and center positions.

Anderson Varejao could be the team’s starting center if need be, but there’s the possibility they could trade him this off season. But if they do keep him, he’s really not a true center, he’s more of a power forward.  Tyler Zeller is a nice back-up center, but nothing more and Spencer Hawes is a free agent and he’s not your typical center either.  Hawes is a stretch 5, who prefers to play away from the basket and gives you no defensive presence around the rim at all, as well as no toughness.  So depending on what he’s asking for, the Cavs may not resign him.

After watching Luo Deng struggle to stay healthy all season and with all the NBA miles he’s put on his body, I have no desire to bring him back as the starting small forward, especially for what he’s going to be commanding in free agency dollars. Alonzo Gee is nothing more than the 8th, 9th or 10th player on this team.

So as David Griffin and Dan Gilbert prepare for the June 26th NBA Draft, they must decide where they are going to get their center and small forwards(plural) from. That’s what makes this draft so interesting and important. “G and G” have a chance to fill one of those major needs with the first overall pick and possibly another with the 33rd overall pick. If not there, then in free agency or with a major trade.

Joel Embiid would plug the hole at center and be an immediate upgrade defensively, athletically and physically. He’s a little raw on offense, but that’s because he’s only played basketball for about four years and considering his lack of experience, he has shown great improvement in his offensive game. However with Embiid it all comes down to the health of his back. If he cleared all the Cavs medical tests then I believe they should, and will take him number #1 overall. If his back did not pass the medical exams, then it comes down to Jabari Parker and Andrew Wiggins in the draft.

Parker is the more ready to play right now of the two both physically and mentally. His offensive game is more well-rounded and his outside shot is better at this point than Wiggins. However Wiggins in my opinion, has a higher ceiling and athletically and defensively he blows Parker out of the water. On top of that, Wiggins will still score the basketball from the wing position, just maybe not as consistently as Parker.

But luckily for the Cavs their biggest needs in the draft coincide with the best players in this draft. Meaning they really can’t wrong with whomever they pick. I would have gladly taken anyone of these three before the draft lottery, so they truly are in a win-win-win situation.  Now will one of the top three picks separate himself from the others eventually, probably, but you’re still going to get what many believe is an all-star caliber player no matter who you take.

My order of preference is Embiid first, but only if 100% healthy. Wiggins second because of defense and more upside and Parker third because unlike the other two, he’s more of just an offensive player.

Is it out of the realm of possibility that the Cavs maybe use the number #1 pick and a player to make a trade for an already established all-star caliber player? No it’s not, but I believe it’s unlikely considering the talent and potential that each of the top three picks possess.

So once the Cavs do make their selection with that first overall pick, that should tell us what direction they’re headed in as far as free agency and that’s when things could get even more interesting than the draft, depending on what you know who does in Miami.


Jabari Parker

Small Forward – 6’9 – 241lbs – Age – 19 – Duke – FR

Reach – 8’11.5 – Wingspan – 6’11.75 Max Vert – ??

Season Averages: 19.1 PPG – 8.7 RPG – 1.2 APG – 47%FG – 36%(3FG) -75%FT

Draft Projection – Top 3 for sure, could go number #1 overall

Jabari Parker


Most advanced offensively and physically of the top three freshmen being considered for the top pick in the draft. He’s a “Pick, Plug and Play” guy right away.

Solid athlete, not great, but is a good effort guy and a high character kid with a high basketball IQ.

Can score it inside and out with an array of moves and also passes the ball well because of his understanding of the game. So he possesses a complete all-around game on offense.

Can shoot it all over the court. Nice jumper with good range.
His rebounding and handle are above average.

Is a small forward but should be able to play some power forward as well depending on match ups and as he gets older and stronger.


Below average defensive player especially on the perimeter because of slow foot speed. His pick n roll defense needs a ton of work and that’s a big part of the NBA game.

As knowledgeable as he is on offense, his defensive knowledge and understanding of team defense is not good and must improve.

Needs to get in better shape for the NBA game which is more up tempo than he’s used to on both offense and defense. This will also help him with his lift on jumpers and finishing at the rim.

Thinks offense first and at times that can hurt him. Will have to learn that just because he’s open doesn’t mean it’s a good shot in the NBA.

Had problems on offense against long, lengthy and aggressive defenders which he will face more of in the NBA.

Some think he might be a tweener. Too slow to play and guard the 3’s and not big enough to bang with the 4’s.
Roda Thoughts:

If you’re looking for a player to help you right away offensively, to score you point and potential and a higher ceiling aren’t your main concerns, then Parker is your guy over Joel Embiid and Andrew Wiggins. Parker scores in a variety of ways and his body is ready for the day-to-day NBA pounding, although he must watch his weight and get in better shape. If you have a rim protector or your squad plays solid team defense, then you’ll be able to hide Parker, whose biggest weakness is his defense. Parker is a Top 3 pick and if Embiid’s back doesn’t check out to the Cavs liking and owner Dan Gilbert’s patience is wearing thin of not making the playoffs, I could see the Cavs taking Parker over Wiggins because they want to win right away and Parker fills a major offensive void at the small forward position. Parker has been compared to Paul Pierce and Carmelo Anthony, so below are all three of their numbers from their freshman years in college.

Parker –     6’9-240-2014–  19.1ppg – 8.7rpg – 1.2apg – 47.3%fg – 35.8%(3fg) – 74.8%ft

Anthony – 6’8-230-2003–  22.2ppg– 10rpg– 2.2apg – 45.3%fg – 33.7%(3fg)– 70.6%ft

Pierce –    6’6-230-1996-     11.9ppg – 5.3rpg – 1.8apg – 41.9%ft – 30.4%(3fg) – 60.6%ft


I had a chance to go 1 on 1 with Kansas head coach Bill Self to get his input on Joel Embiid and Andrew Wiggins and who the Cavaliers should take with the 1st overall pick in the 2014 NBA draft.

(photo courtesy/sportsspeakers360.com)


Top 5 Point Guards

1 DANTE EXUM                  6’6 – 195 – Australia

2 MARCUS SMART             6’4 – 220 – Oklahoma St.

3 TYLER ENNIS                  6’2 – 181 – Syracuse

4 ELFRID PAYTON              6’4 – 185 – Louisiana Layayette

5 SHABAZZ NAPIER           6’1 – 185 – UCONN


Top 5 Shooting Guards

1 JAMES YOUNG                6’6 – 215 – Kentucky

2 NIK STAUSKAS                6’6 – 205 – Michigan

3 GARY HARRIS                 6’4 – 210 – Michigan St.

4 ZACH LaVINE                  6’5 – 181 – UCLA

5 P.J. HAIRSTON                6’4 – 228 – North Carolina/NBA D-League


Top 5 Small Forwards

1 ANDREW WIGGINS        6’8 – 200 – Kansas

2 JABARI PARKER              6’9 – 241 – Duke

3 RODNEY HOOD              6’8 – 210 – Duke

4 DOUG McDERMOTT       6’8 – 220 – Creighton

5 DARIO SARIC                  6’10 – 235 – Croatia


Top 5 Power Forwards

1 NOAH VONLEH              6’10 – 245 – Indiana

2 JULIUS RANDLE               6’9 – 240 – Kentucky

3 AARON GORDON           6’9 – 225 – Arizona

4 ADREIAN PAYNE             6’10 – 240 – Michigan St.

5 CLINT CAPELA                 6’10 – 210 – Switzerland


Top 5 Centers

1 JOEL EMBIID                   7’1 – 255 – Kansas

2 JUSUF NURKIC                6’11 – 280 – Bosnia

3 MITCH McGARY             6’10 – 285 – Michigan

4 WALTER TAVARES          7’2 – 265 – Spain

5 ARTEM KLIMENKO         7’1 – 228 – Russia



Thanks to all the Twitches who tweeted questions about Mark Price and the Cavs to me @TheKennyRoda on Twitter. Here is the Podcast answering some of those questions.

Mark Price Video Photo


My approach to a mock draft is to take into consideration what a team’s biggest need is, gather information from as many sources as possible as to what they’re hearing the team might do and then factor in my ratings of the individual players. So it’s a combination of what I think the team should do and what I’m hearing the team might do. It’s not the greatest formula in the world, but then again this is just a mock draft. So if eight of my picks end up matching what the actual draft ends up being, I’ll be thrilled. With that said, here is the first of what will be two mock drafts. One today and then one on draft day, June 26th.



1  Cleveland – JOEL EMBIID – Center – Kansas – 7’1 -255                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     Embiid is the pick for the Cavaliers only IF he passes all of the medical tests on his back. If he does, he is the perfect “FIT” for Kyrie Irving and the Cavs defense. He’ll be able to play “Pick n Roll” on offense and be the rim protector the Cavs so desperately need. Plus he may have the most upside of any player in this draft. If he does not pass all the medical tests or there are any red flags, I would then have the Cavs select Andrew Wiggins first overall.

2  Milwaukee – JABARI PARKER – Small Forward – Duke – 6’9 – 241

3  Philadelphia – ANDREW WIGGINS – Small Forward – Kansas – 6’8 – 200

4  Orlando – DANTE EXUM – Point Guard – Australia – 6’6 – 195

5  Utah – NOAH VONLEH – Power Forward – Indiana – 6’10 – 245

6  Boston – AARON GORDON – Power Forward – Arizona – 6’9 – 225

7  LA Lakers – JULIUS RANDLE – Power Forward – Kentucky – 6’9 -240

8  Sacramento – MARCUS SMART – Point Guard – Oklahoma St. – 6’4 – 220

9  Charlotte – DOUG McDERMOTT – Small Forward – Creighton – 6’8 – 220

10 Philadelphia – NIK STAUSKAS – Shooting Guard – Michigan – 6’6 – 205

11 Denver – JAMES YOUNG – Shooting Guard – Kentucky – 6’6 – 215

12 Orlando – GARY HARRIS – Shooting Guard – Michigan St. – 6’4 – 210

13 Minnesota – RODNEY HOOD – Small Forward – Duke – 6’8 – 210

14 Phoenix – ADREIAN PAYNE – Power Forward – Michigan St. – 6’10 – 240

15 Atlanta – ZACH LaVINE – Shooting Guard – UCLA – 6’5 – 181

16 Chicago – TYLER ENNIS – Point Guard – Syracuse – 6’2 – 181

17 Boston – P.J. HAIRSTON – Shooting Guard – UNC/ NBA D-League – 6’4 – 228

18 Phoenix – DARIO SARIC – Small Forward – Croatia – 6’10 -235

19 Chicago –  CLEANTHONY EARLY – Small Forward – Wichita St. – 6’7 – 210

20 Toronto – CLINT CAPELA – Power Forward – Switzerland – 6’10 – 210

21 Oklahoma City – ELFRID PAYTON – Point Guard – Louisiana Lafayette – 6’4 – 185

22 Memphis – T.J. WARREN – Small Forward – North Carolina St. – 6’8 – 220

23 Utah – KYLE ANDERSON – Small Forward – UCLA – 6’9 – 230

24 Charlotte – JERAMI GRANT – Small Forward – Syracuse – 6’8 – 215

25 Houston –  GLEN ROBINSON III – Small Forward – Michigan – 6’7 – 212

26 Miami – JUSUF NURKIC – Center – Bosnia – 6’11 – 280

27 Phoenix –  C.J. WILCOX – Shooting Guard – Washington – 6’6 – 195

28 LA Clippers – K.J. McDANIELS – Small Forward – Clemson – 6’6 – 200

29 Oklahoma City – JARNELL STOKES – Power Forward – Tennessee – 6’8 – 260

30 San Antonio – KRISTAPS PORZINGIS – Power Forward – Latvia – 7’0 – 220


33 Cleveland – JORDAN ADAMS – Shooting Guard – UCLA – 6’5 – 210                                                                                                                                                                                                       If the Cavs take Embiid number #1 overall, they will look here to take the best wing player available and that could be Adams if he is still on the board.



Andrew Wiggins

Small Forward – 6′-8″ – 200lbs – Age – 19 – Kansas – FR.

Reach – 8’11 – Wingspan – 7’0 –  Max Vertical Jump – 44 inches

Season Averages: 17.1PPG – 6.0RPG – 1.5APG -44.8%FG-34.1%(3FG)-77.5%FT

Draft Projection – Top 3 – could go number #1


(photo courtesy StandingOSports.com)


An athletic freak! His dad played in the NBA and his mom won medals in track in the Olympics for Canada, so his DNA is scary good. When you combine his 6’8 frame, 7-foot wing span and a 44 inch vertical jump, it’s crazy what he can do athletically on the court. His coach at Kansas Bill Self said he has the quickest second jump he’s ever seen, meaning he has the ability to bounce up and down like a pogo stick on the offensive boards and beat guys to the rebound for easy put backs.


His transition game is outstanding. He quickly fills the lanes on a fast break, getting from one end of the floor to the other and throws down vicious dunks or can pull up for a soft jumper.


He already knows how to play defense and wants to. How many college kids can you say that about? He uses that great athletic ability on the defensive end to guard 2’s, 3’s and some 4’s. So he’s ready to contribute right away on the defensive side of the ball.


Shoots it well from the free throw line and his jump shot is good, not a great. His pull up “J’ is solid, as is his intermediate jumper and he has decent range.


Penetrates well, has a very quick first step and the alley-oop out of bounds play is tailor made for him.


High character kid and a student of the game.



Must get stronger and add a few pounds to his frame.


His jump shot and his overall offensive game needs to be more consistent.


He can get lost in the shuffle out on the court at times because he needs to be more aggressive. Some teams are concerned that he’s too passive,that he doesn’t have that killer instinct or alpha dog mentality.



He needs to work on his ball handling which will allow him to attack the rim more in the half court set and make him a better passer. Going left off the dribble is a definite weakness.



With his athletic ability he should finish better around the rim. But that should come when he gets stronger.



Has good form on his jumper, but it needs to be more consistent, especially from beyond the arc.



Roda Thoughts:

Reminds me of a taller version of one of the best two-way players I’ve ever seen in the NBA, Sidney Moncrief. Others comparisons are to Tracy McGrady, Rudy Gay or Vince Carter.


It looked like he was figuring things out at the end of the season for Kansas as he stepped his game up when Joel Embiid went down with a back injury as he had games of 41p-8r vs West Virginia, 30p-8r vs Oklahoma St., 22p-7r vs Iowa St. and 19p-4r versus Eastern Kentucky in the 2nd round of the NCAA tournament.



But his final game at Kansas was a clunker. In the 3rd round of the NCAA tournament against Stanford he was held to just 4p-4r on 1 of 6 shooting from the field in a 60-57 loss to Stanford. That left some people wondering how could he disappear in the biggest game of the season? But he also showed his true character after the defeat saying, “I let a lot of people down. If I would have played better, we wouldn’t be in this situation, you know? I blame myself for this.”



He will need to become more consistent, aggressive and attack more on offense if he wants to reach that superstar level. But he has arguably the most upside/potential of anyone in this draft because of his athleticism, ability to play three positions, he already plays defense, is a hard worker, with a high basketball IQ and on top of all that is a good kid who will take well to coaching.



Wiggins is my favorite player in this draft and whichever team selects him is getting a future all-star and potentially a future superstar.



It’s not quite as good as Saved By The Bell: The College Years with C’Town’s own Bob GolicSaved By The Bell - The CollegeYears

But as the June 26th NBA Draft gets closer here’s some more info to process as you and the Cavs try to decide who should be the #1 overall pick. Each of the Top 3 candidates have been compared to some current or former NBA stars, so I went back to all of their freshman years in college to see how their stats stack up against one another.


Joel Embiid photo - Courtesy of USA Today

Joel Embiid –  7’1-255-2014 – 11.2ppg  –  8.1rpg  –  2.6blk  –  62%fg  –   20%(3fg)  –  68%ft

H.Olajuwon – 7’0-255-1982 –   8.3ppg    –  6.2rpg  –  2.5blk  –  61%fg  –   0%(3fg)  –  56%ft

T. Duncan –6’11-248-1994 –  9.8ppg    –  9.6rpg  –  3.8blk  –   54%fg  –  100%(3fg) –  74%ft





A. Wiggins – 6’8–200–2014 – 17ppg – 6rpg – 1.5apg  – 44.8%fg – 34.1%(3fg) – 77.5%ft

M. Jordan –   6’6–195-1982 – 13.5ppg – 4.4rpg – 1.8apg – 53.4%fg – 0%(3fg) – 72.2%ft

Sidney Moncrief -6’3-180-1976 –12.6ppg – 7.6rpg – 2.1apg – 66.5%fg – 0%(3fg)– 72.7%ft




Jabari Parker Photo 1


J. Parker – 6’9-240-2014 – 19.1ppg – 8.7rpg – 1.2apg  – 47.3%fg – 35.8%(3fg) – 74.8%ft

Melo Anthony – 6’8-230-2003–22.2ppg–10rpg– 2.2apg – 45.3%fg – 33.7%(3fg)– 70.6%ft

Paul Pierce – 6’6-230-1996 – 11.9ppg – 5.3rpg – 1.8apg – 41.9%ft – 30.4%(3fg) – 60.6%ft

(Photos courtesy of USA Today, StandingOSports.com and Zagsblog.com)