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With Timberwolves owner Glen Taylor coming out and saying it not a matter of “if” but “when” Kevin Love would be traded, it was no surprise that various media outlets today reported that the T-Wolves and Cavs have a handshake deal in place. It can’t officially be announced until August 23rd at the earliest because of NBA rookie contract rules, but the deal centers around sending Love to Cleveland, rookie number #1 overall pick Andrew Wiggins to Minnesota and it also involves Anthony Bennett of the Cavs, maybe some other minor players and a 1st round draft pick, or picks.

Taylor can talk about Love because that’s his player, the Cavaliers however can not mention Love by name because that could be considered tampering and the league could hit them with sanctions. So at yesterday’s press conference introducing the two newest Cavaliers, Mike Miller and James Jones, I asked Cavs G.M. David Griffin about adding Kevin Love with out mentioning Love by name, and here’s how the first year general manager responded –

David Griffin,  photo - Copy


The countdown continues as to whether or not Andrew Wiggins remains a Cleveland Cavalier. The NBA’s number #1 overall pick has been mentioned in trade rumors involving a potential deal with the Minnesota Timberwolves for Kevin Love since he put his autograph on his contract on July 24th.Andrew Wiggins Jersey Photo 6-27-14

Per NBA rules, after signing a rookie, a team must wait 30 days before it can trade him to another team. The first day the Cavs could officially deal Wiggins, who they inked to a 4-year contract, is August 23rd.

Per a story today on ESPN.com, Wiggins made his first public comments about being involved in the trade rumors saying, “I just want to play for a team that wants me. So whichever team wants me I’ll play for.”  He also told SportsCenter, “At the end of the day you have to remember that the NBA is a business before anything. I’m a rookie. I really don’t have too much say.”

The latest rumor has Wiggins along with Anthony Bennett and other players, plus at least one Cavs future first round draft pick going to Minnesota for Kevin Love.

Timberwolves owner Glen Taylor spoke to the St. Paul Pioneer Press and told the newspaper Love is “likely” to be dealt by Aug. 23 or Aug. 24, “I’m saying it’s most likely because Kevin has made it pretty clear that that’s what he wants to do.”

Love who is 25, is a 3-time All-Star and 2-time All-NBA second teamer. He played with LeBron James on Team USA at the 2012 London Olympics where the two won gold. He can be a free agent at the end of the 2014-15 season, so the Cavs would be rolling the dice a little on giving up so much for a player who could walk after one season. However, if Cavs G.M. David Griffin were to pull off such a deal, I’ve got to believe that Griff and the organization feel strongly that they will be able keep Love along with James by signing both to max contracts.

So the wait and rumors continue. August 23rd can’t get here soon enough for all the parties involved.