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Need more Johnny Manziel info than you’re already getting? OK, here are tweets that were sent out when Manziel spoke to the few local media members that were allowed to be a part of Browns rookie mini-camp today in Berea.

Daryl Ruiter @RuiterWrongFAN  ·  Johnny Manziel on text “I wouldn’t exactly call it legendarily” added Loggains only ast. Coach to text him during draft


Daryl Ruiter @RuiterWrongFAN  ·  “I’m a rookie; i need to earn my place, earn my keep.. Don’t want to be handed anything i don’t deserve” Manziel


Daryl Ruiter ‏@RuiterWrongFAN –  Manziel on if he needs to be humbled “I got passed up 21 times”


Daryl Ruiter @RuiterWrongFAN  ·  Manziel watched a lot of #Browns last season; well aware of talent thats here and felt it’d be 1 of best spots to land compared to others


Daryl Ruiter @RuiterWrongFAN  ·  “We’re teammates & there shouldn’t be any friction there at all…there’s always competition” – Manziel on relationship w/ Hoyer


Mary Kay Cabot @MaryKayCabot  ·  #browns Manziel said he’s not sure if “wreck this league” was an exact quote but it was along those lines.


Mary Kay Cabot ‏@MaryKayCabot –  #browns johnny on his text: “this was a place I felt comfortable with. This was the place I wanted to be.”