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“The Shot” Podcast With Craig Ehlo and Brad Sellers

May 7th, 2020 was the 31st anniversary of Michael Jordan’s legendary shot that beat the Cavaliers in game 5 of the first round of the 1989 NBA playoffs. It launched MJ’s career towards the greatest of all-time(G.O.A.T.), but knocked Cleveland out of the playoffs and just a year later led to the disastrous trade of Ron Harper that would haunt the Cavs for years to come.

We’ve seen “Air Jordan” describe “The Shot” many times. What I wanted to do was talk to the other two key players involved in “The Shot” and get their perspective of what was supposed to happen from both huddles prior to “The Shot”, and then get their reaction immediately after the play, and then all these years later.

So I set up a Zoom call with former Bulls forward Brad Sellers, who inbounded the ball to Michael, and former Cavaliers guard Craig “Eggs” Ehlo, who had the unenviable task of trying to guard Michael on the legendary play.

The guys broke it down and shared great stories, some never told before, in this 45 minute Zoom video podcast: