Brian Hoyer In Game Close Up

On the 53-man roster and the wide receiving corps after cuts:

“I think, as it is with all 32 teams, the roster’s actually pretty fluid still at this point. We went out and had practice today and practiced with the guys that are out here, but you never know how it’s going to shake out. We’ll see what happens.”


On former Browns QB Rex Grossman being cut and if Grossman helped him while he was with the team:

“Yeah, it was good while he was here. I think, like I said, just like it is with the other 31 teams the rosters are fluid and it’s a business decision. For me, he was useful when he was here because he was a guy that I could talk to who’s played in the system. You never know how things are going to work out, and we’ll see what happens.”


On if Grossman will be back with the Browns:

“Your guess is as good as mine.”


On how he feels now that Pittsburgh week is here:

“It’s awesome. I think the biggest thing for me is now you really get to focus on your opponent. You focus on, you zero in on the things that you need to do to win. It’s great. Obviously, just like everybody else, we get a few extra days to prepare. It’s good to get back out here. Like I said, for the most part the roster’s set, so you know who you’re going to be playing with. It’s good to get back out and start practicing with a real purpose in mind.”


On how long he has been watching Pittsburgh film:

“For a long time, not only here but when I was in New England, it seemed like we played them every year. Obviously, I was here last year. I was there for a few weeks, so I ran a scout team against their defense. I don’t know how much I can recall from that, but I’ve been familiar with Pittsburgh since I’ve been in the league just because – like I mentioned – when I was in New England I think we played them almost every year I was there. Then, last year I was hurt, but I was still coming in and watching film knowing that I’d be back again this year. You get a feel for how they are defensively. Really I think if you watch them you know exactly what you’re going to get. They’re going to be solid. The guys are going to be in the right place. They have some schemes where you really have to be ready for them or else they’re going to get you. We know what we’re going to face, and we have to be at our best to be able to beat these guys.”


On if he visualized being in this position when he was younger:

“I didn’t visualize being on the other side of the rivalry the first time I was a part of it, but I know what this means to this city. I know what it means to our fans. Like I said all along, for me, I’m one of the few that get a chance to actually impact it. Like I said, it’s good we have a few extra days to prepare for them because they are a solid defense and it’s going to take our best.”


On how long it takes to learn a new offense:

“I think it’s always evolving. You’re always going to keep continuing to learn and learn and to improve and learn the little nuances of an offense. I think with every year things become more repetitive and easier to go through, but it’s always a work in progress. I think if you don’t…If you say after six weeks or one season, ‘I’ve learned the offense and that’s it. We’re going to stay where we’re at,’ I think you’ll always limit yourself. I think as long as I’m playing in this offense, we’re always going to try to evolve and get better. I think that’s the only way you can approach it.”


On if he knew that Pittsburgh wanted him back, specifically former offensive coordinator Bruce Arians:

“It was kind of conveyed. It wasn’t Bruce. It was (former Steelers offensive coordinator Ken) Whisenhunt at the time and those guys. It had been kind of conveyed to me, ‘let’s see what happens. There’s a chance you could be back.’ Yeah.”


On if there was a technicality to keep him from the Steelers:

“Oh yeah, you’re talking about that. I don’t know. I really don’t know.”


On if his agent knew:

“No, I was restricted, so there’s not much you can do when you’re restricted.”


On the technicality:

“They found it. Yeah, no doubt. I don’t know for what reason.”


On the way that things turned out:

“Maybe I could be on the other side. You never know. I’m glad I’m here. That’s for sure.”


On how he feels about the offense heading into the game against the Steelers:
“I feel really good. I think, like I said, now you have a single purpose that you’re working towards. You’re going to be working on plays that you’re going to be running in the game. You’re not just working on concepts that are your core concepts. Now you can really zone in on the game plan and the preparation. Like I said, it was good to get back out here today. We did some stuff in preparation for Pittsburgh, but also did some stuff that we needed to work on for situational purposes. I think when you get to this point now you really get to zero in on a game plan, preparation, those types of things. I think that’s only going to help us.”


On whether he’s seen a switch in focus on the team preparing for the regular season:

“Yeah, I think that this day is always, no matter where you are, the first day back when the regular season starts you can tell that there’s a little more pep in people’s step a little more sense of urgency and attention to detail and that’s what we need. It was good to get back out here today.”


On being part of the Pittsburgh Steelers for a season:

“I was just grateful to have a job. As bitter as this rivalry is and being a Cleveland boy, I will always have a place in my heart for Pittsburgh because they gave me a job at a time when no one else would. Like Tony said, a couple of things fall different ways. You never know how it would’ve turned out. I couldn’t be (happier) to be a Cleveland Brown but I think that there will always be a spot in my heart for those guys because they gave me a job when 31 other teams wouldn’t. I always be thankful for that but at the same time, I think I’m on the right side of this rivalry now.”


On whether it’s a concern to him in having a WR corps that is shorter than average:

“No, not to me at all. I have confidence in all of those guys. I think that you guys could see Thursday night (WR Taylor) Gabriel got out there, I got a few passes to (WR Andrew) Hawkins. Those guys, what they lack in height, they make up in quickness and being able to get open in man coverage. Like I said, I have confidence in all of those guys and I actually played with (WR LaRon Byrd). He was in Arizona. We kind of crossed paths so I have a familiarity with him, too. It will be good to get him in here and get to working with him. Like I said, what those guys lack in stature they make up with in heart, smartness and toughness – those types of things and I’ll take that over physical attributes any day.”


On his evaluation of WR LaRon Byrd:

“I was only there (for) three weeks. I remember him being tall and athletic. I’ll leave it to that, then you can ask me again in a few weeks.”


On his mentality changing due to becoming the starting quarterback:

“I don’t think that I ever had the mentality where I hope that I have a job, I always felt that I needed to go out there and earn the job and I feel like I’m always trying to do that. You’re always trying to prove that you’re the guy for the job and I think that if you take that mentality with you you’re only going to challenge yourself to get better on a daily basis. There’s always in this league, regardless of situation, there’s always somebody trying to take your job whether it’s through the draft, free agency, whatever it might be and I think that as long as you can put that pressure on yourself to make yourself a better player.”


On now having an opponent to worry about every week of the season:

“Yeah, sure. I’m not saying that I come out here every day thinking that ‘I’m going to lose my job.’ I honestly feel more secure today than I ever have. I just think that it’s always good to have that chip on your shoulder and know that you’re always trying to prove people wrong and prove yourself right.”


On what makes him think that the offense will be better than it was during the preseason:

“I think that we did do some good things during the preseason and to cap (it) off with – I know it was just one drive but to come out of that game, watch the film and realize even as good of a drive that is was, it could have been better. When you realize that, all you can go is up and we did good things. We’re in position to get better week after week.”


On what a 1-0 start means to a team’s season:

“I think that obviously, it’s a great thing to go 1-0. I think that the way we look at it is that it’s 16-one-week seasons and if you’re 0-0 you try to be 1-0. If you win that game you try to be 2-0, if you lose that game you try and be 1-1. I think that in this league you have to take it one week at a time and, like you said, to start off the season with a win, especially a division win, would be huge. It does get your confidence going and not saying that whole season is over if you don’t win but it is important to get things going on the right foot.”


On the release of veteran WR Nate Burleson:

“Yeah, it’s a business and those decisions were out of our control. Obviously, Nate was a great veteran presence and we wish him the best of luck in whatever he’s going on to. But we all know what this business is about and this time of year is always the most difficult because there is only so many spots. You start off with so many guys and you have to get down. I’ve been there before and at some point it happens to everyone. It happened to (Broncos QB Peyton Manning) and he’s one of the best of all time. It’s just the business that we’re in. You wish people well and go from there.



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