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Cavs finished 57-25 to win the Central Division and the #1 seed in the East.



David Blatt’s record as Cavs head coach was 30-11  (.732).

Tyronn Lue’s record as Cavs head coach was 27-14 (.659).



Cavs “Big 3” combined to average 61.1ppg – 21.6rpg – 13.8apg – 7.5to/pg.

Cavs “Big 3” shot a combined 47.1%(fg) – 33.4%(3fg) – 79%(ft). 



LeBron James lead the Cavs in total points (1,920), points per game (25.3), a team high (37) points in one game, assists per game (6.8), total assists (514), steals per game (1.4), total steals (104),  turnovers per game (3.3), total turnovers (249),  free throws made (359), free throws attempted (491), field goals made (737), field goals attempted (1,416) and minutes played (2,708:33).


Tristan Thompson led the Cavs in game started (82), field goal percentage (58.8%) and offensive rebounds (268).


Kevin Love and J.R. Smith tied for the Cavs team lead in games started with (77).


Kevin Love led the Cavs in rebounds per game (9.9), defensive rebounds (613) and total rebounds (762).


J.R. Smith led the Cavs in three point field goals made (204), three point field goals attempted (510) and personal fouls (204).


Mo Williams led the Cavs in free throw shooting (90.5%).


Matthew Dellavedova led the Cavs in three point shooting percentage (41%)


Timofey Mozgov led the Cavs in total blocked shots (57) and blocks per game (0.8).


*These were all based on a minimum of 41 games played*


Following last night’s NBA Finals Game #2 overtime win, 95-93 by the Cavs at Golden State, I joined Chris Plank and Arnie Spanier to talk LeBron, Delly and the series being tied 1-1 coming back to Cleveland for Game #3 on Tuesday night.

Click on this link below and then go half way into the Podcast to hear my conversation with the guys on Fox Sports Radio –

LeBron Sreaming On Court After OT Win Game 2 NBA Finals



Here’s what LeBron James had to say about his 37 point – 18 rebound – 13 assist performance in the Cavs Game #3 win of the Eastern Conference Finals, as well as Delly talking about his run in with Al Horford.

Listen Here –

LeBron James Postgame vs Hawks Game 3 - 5-24-15


LeBron James near triple/double of 30pts-11ast-9reb led the Cavaliers to a 2-0 series lead on Friday night in Atlanta. But while “The King” was indeed dominate, he got some help from a number of his teammates. Here’s my breakdown of the Game #2 win on head coach David Blatt’s 56th birthday…..

Listen Here –

LeBron James In Game vs Hawks Game 2 - ECF - 5-22-15



KYRIE’S LEFT KNEE – Will he be able to play, and if so, how effective can he be? Is what he gave you in Game #1 vs Atlanta (10pts-6ast on 4-10fg) what we should expect from this version of Kyrie Irving? Or can the ALL-NBA 3rd team point guard adjust his game to where it’s not an attack the rim game, but more of a pull-up and catch and shoot game? We’ll see.


HOW’S SHUMP JUMP? – Iman Shumpert seemed to re-aggravate his groin injury in the second half of Game #1 which hampered his jumping and lateral movement. His defense was outstanding, but his offense suffered as he scored just 4 points on 1-7 shooting. Just like Irving, because of the injury, does he have to adjust his game, and if so how effective will he be at both ends of the floor?


BENCH BUNCH BE BETTER – J.R. Smith was phenomenal in Game #1 with 28 points, but the rest of the Cavs bench scored as many points as I did….ZERO!  There has to be more consistency than that. Yes James Jones has had one good game in these playoffs with 17 points and Matthew Dellavedova dropped 19 on the Bulls in Game #6 last series, but both of those players have been inconsistent on offense. That has to change, especially with the injury to Kyrie Irving and the fact that both players could be playing more minutes than originally expected.


SHARPER EDGE – Whether LeBron wanted to admit it publically or not, the Cavaliers were the underdog heading into Game #1 in Atlanta. Vegas had the Hawks as 1 point favorites. Whenever you’re the dog going into a game, you tend to play with a little more edge and with a chip on your shoulder to prove people wrong and the Cavs did just that in the first contest of the Eastern Conference Finals. But how does David Blatt’s squad keep that edge in Game #2? It’s human nature to come into the next game less focused because of a 1-0 series lead, you stole home court advantage and the Hawks best defender in DeMarre Carroll may or may not play in Game #2. What does “King James” do to make sure that he and his teammates play with the same intensity and focusness (Jim Thome term) that they did in Game #1 and not just be satisfied with splitting in Atlanta? Are the Cavs mentally tough enough where complacency won’t set in? Again, like with Kyrie and Iman’s injuries, we’ll see.


DEATH TO THE STANKY LEG OFFENSE – As great as LeBron James was when he was attacking the basket in the second quarter of Game #1, scoring 14 points on 7 of 9 shooting, he was that horrible in the fourth quarter playing iso-ball or as I like to call it running the “Stanky Leg” offense. He got cocky when DeMarre Carroll went out with an injury and Paul Milsap had to try and guard him. Instead of playing through the game plan that helped build an 18 point fourth quarter lead, LBJ started playing the scoreboard and the offense came to a screeching halt that almost cost them the game. James admitted that it indeed was his fault after the game, that it was on him, and that it can’t happen again. That’s great that he recognized that and admitted it, but will it actually change? He’s been doing this for years. It’s one of his few bad habits that he seems to fall back into. The “Stanky Leg” has to disappear if the Cavs want to not only win this series against Atlanta, but also have a chance to win the NBA Championship!


I caught up with Cleveland’s favorite Aussie and asked him about all the changes the Cavs have made, his role on the team and more.

Matthew Dellavedova Sitting Interview Cavs Media Day 2014


NBA Free Agency begins tonight July 1st at midnight eastern time. The Cavaliers have plenty of cap space to go after a big name free agent like LeBron James, or if G.M. David Griffin feels there’s no chance of bringing James back to Cleveland, he can direct his attention and dollars elsewhere on maybe one or two other free agents.

With that in mind here is a look at the Cavs current depth chart that new head coach David Blatt and associate head coach Tyronn Lue have to work with.


PG – Kyrie Irving (4th year)                Jarret Jack (10th year)            Matthew Dellavedova (2nd year)









SG – Dion Waiters (3rd year)             Sergey Karasev (2nd year)       Joe Harris (rookie)


Andrew Wiggins Jersey Photo 6-27-14








SF – Andrew Wiggins (rookie)          Carrick Felix (2nd year)            Scottie Hopson (2nd year)


photo (38)






PF – Tristan Thompson (4th year)    Anthony Bennett (2nd year)


Anderson Varejao photo








C – Anderson Varjao (11th year)       Tyler Zeller (3rd year)       Dwight Powell (rookie)                        Brendan Haywood(13th year)


The Cavs biggest needs this off season via the draft, free agency or trades are very simple, they need a center and they need multiple wing players.

When you look at their roster they’re overloaded at point guard with Kyrie Irving, Jarrett Jack and Matthew Dellavedova.

While their shooting guards really aren’t shooting guards, they feel they have a young pair in Waiters and Sergey Karasev.  Waiters to me is a point guard, or at least what I call a “Ball Guard”. He needs the ball in his hands in order to be effective and that really doesn’t mesh well when he and Kyrie Irving are on the floor together. The Cavs may be willing to try one more season to see if Irving and Waiters can create chemistry on the floor together, but then again remember; David Griffin didn’t draft either one of them so he may be willing to pull the trigger on a trade of one or the other.  But for now let’s say Waiters stays.

Tristan Thompson and Anthony Bennett are their power forwards, while neither one of those guys excite meet, at least they have what is considered a starter on this team, in Thompson. So again that takes us back to small forward and center positions.

Anderson Varejao could be the team’s starting center if need be, but there’s the possibility they could trade him this off season. But if they do keep him, he’s really not a true center, he’s more of a power forward.  Tyler Zeller is a nice back-up center, but nothing more and Spencer Hawes is a free agent and he’s not your typical center either.  Hawes is a stretch 5, who prefers to play away from the basket and gives you no defensive presence around the rim at all, as well as no toughness.  So depending on what he’s asking for, the Cavs may not resign him.

After watching Luo Deng struggle to stay healthy all season and with all the NBA miles he’s put on his body, I have no desire to bring him back as the starting small forward, especially for what he’s going to be commanding in free agency dollars. Alonzo Gee is nothing more than the 8th, 9th or 10th player on this team.

So as David Griffin and Dan Gilbert prepare for the June 26th NBA Draft, they must decide where they are going to get their center and small forwards(plural) from. That’s what makes this draft so interesting and important. “G and G” have a chance to fill one of those major needs with the first overall pick and possibly another with the 33rd overall pick. If not there, then in free agency or with a major trade.

Joel Embiid would plug the hole at center and be an immediate upgrade defensively, athletically and physically. He’s a little raw on offense, but that’s because he’s only played basketball for about four years and considering his lack of experience, he has shown great improvement in his offensive game. However with Embiid it all comes down to the health of his back. If he cleared all the Cavs medical tests then I believe they should, and will take him number #1 overall. If his back did not pass the medical exams, then it comes down to Jabari Parker and Andrew Wiggins in the draft.

Parker is the more ready to play right now of the two both physically and mentally. His offensive game is more well-rounded and his outside shot is better at this point than Wiggins. However Wiggins in my opinion, has a higher ceiling and athletically and defensively he blows Parker out of the water. On top of that, Wiggins will still score the basketball from the wing position, just maybe not as consistently as Parker.

But luckily for the Cavs their biggest needs in the draft coincide with the best players in this draft. Meaning they really can’t wrong with whomever they pick. I would have gladly taken anyone of these three before the draft lottery, so they truly are in a win-win-win situation.  Now will one of the top three picks separate himself from the others eventually, probably, but you’re still going to get what many believe is an all-star caliber player no matter who you take.

My order of preference is Embiid first, but only if 100% healthy. Wiggins second because of defense and more upside and Parker third because unlike the other two, he’s more of just an offensive player.

Is it out of the realm of possibility that the Cavs maybe use the number #1 pick and a player to make a trade for an already established all-star caliber player? No it’s not, but I believe it’s unlikely considering the talent and potential that each of the top three picks possess.

So once the Cavs do make their selection with that first overall pick, that should tell us what direction they’re headed in as far as free agency and that’s when things could get even more interesting than the draft, depending on what you know who does in Miami.