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LeBron James knew he’d have to step his all-around game up a notch playing the Thunder without Kyrie Irving, Iman Shumpert and Mo Williams and “The King” did just that. James just missed a “Triple/Double” by 1 rebound as he went for 33 points-11assists-9 boards in the 4-point home win over OKC and he talked about his game and the win afterwards while standing in a tub of ice at his locker already getting ready for the 76ers on Sunday.

LeBron James Postgame vs OKC 12-17-15

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Here’s my top 5 so far:







Alright let’s see if you can do better than that. Leave me comments at the bottom of this blog with your best potential Cavs Headlines for this upcoming season.


In order for the Indians to win the A.L. Central in 2014 they must get to at least 91 victories. Why 91? In the last five years the A.L. Central champ has won an average of 91 games. So with a (47-47) mark at the All-Star break, that means the “Wahoo Warriors” must go (44-24) in their final 68 games to have a chance to win the division. Last year the Tribe finished with 92 victories, but still finished a game behind division champ Detroit. So 91 is the minimum to avoid playing in that one game Wild Card scenario again.

Progressive Field Opening Day 2014

I love that the Ohio State Buckeyes have at least five night games this season.  Four of them are 8pm contests versus Virginia Tech, Penn State, Illinois and Michigan State, the other is a 6pm start against Cincinnati. There’s something special about night games in college football, especially when they’re played at “The Horseshoe” in Columbus. If you’ve never been to an O.S.U. game under the lights in C-Bus, you have three chances this season and I highly recommend it. The atmosphere under dark skies and bright lights is amazing. From the tailgating, to “TBDBITL” marching on to the field before the game and then performing “Script Ohio”, to the student section going crazy with the “Buckeye Bounce”, the “Quick Cals”, the O – H – I – O chant going around and around the stadium and then with the singing of “Carmen Ohio” following another Ohio State victory. So take advantage of your three opportunities this year and it will be a night you’ll never forget.

Ohio Stadium - Wide Shot

Even with LeBron James on the roster I’m going to have to disagree with Las Vegas. I don’t see the Cavaliers as the favorites to win the NBA Championship in 2015. The defending champs from San Antonio are back in tact and are at the top of my list. The Spurs are followed by the Thunder, the Clippers, the Bulls and then the Cavs for me. However should Cleveland G.M. David Griffin find a way to pull off a trade for Kevin Love while keeping Andrew Wiggins, I will be moving the Cavaliers up that list. How high? It all depends on who they have to give up in the deal with Minnesota and if necessary, a third team.

Pre-Powder Toss

Pre-Powder Toss

Not only will LeBron James help the Cavaliers, I believe he can help the Browns because he can advise, mentor and keep an eye on fellow “LRMR” client Johnny Manziel.  While I’m not worried with what the swan riding, champagne drinking, selfie taking quarterback has done off the field to this point, I will be watching closely to see if those actions continue during the football season. If they do, then I will be concerned, but I believe “King James” will set “Johnny Football” straight and put him in his place if necessary.

Manziel Questions Single photo

Thank goodness Tiger Woods is back playing on the PGA Tour. As good as all those other guys are, and they’re pretty good, it’s just not the same when Tiger isn’t teeing it up any tournament. Welcome back Tiger as “The Chase to 18” resumes with this week’s British Open.


As I told talk show host Ken Carmen last night on 92.3 The Fan in Cleveland, I can’t figure out what’s taking so long for LeBron James to make this decision.  It’s a two horse race. It’s either Cleveland or Miami. What’s the holdup LeBron?  You played for both teams, so you know both organizations. You’re a student of the game, so you see the two rosters and understand their cap space availability. So make up your mind already!

It’s being reported that he wanted to talk it over some more with his family. From everything I hear from my sources, they all want him to come back to Cleveland. So what is causing the holdup?

Here are a few reasons, and I know I may be reaching here, but what they heck we have time to kill, as to why maybe LeBron is still undecided, if he really is.

David Blatt Solo Photo 6-25-14 1. Since he’s in Vegas for his skills camp and if he doesn’t know too much about new Cavs head coach David Blatt, might LeBron want to check Blatt out in person on Friday as he coaches the Cavs summer league team in their first game against Milwaukee?

2. Maybe LeBron wants to see Cavs number #1 pick Andrew Wiggins in action going up against the player the Cavaliers passed on in Jabari Parker since the Bucks and Cavs are playing each other to see if he feels new Cavaliers G.M. David Griffin made the right pick.Andrew Wiggins Jersey Photo 6-27-14

3. LeBron might also want to get a look at last year’s number #1 overall pick Anthony Bennett to gauge how much he’s improved from his disastrous rookie season, to see if he thinks the kid can play in the NBA.

4. Or “King James” could be waiting on the Cavaliers to swing a deal for Kevin Love, to prove to him that this new regime could follow through on the possible plans they laid out to his agent Rich Paul when the two sides met recently.

5. Is it possible, I guess anything is at this point, that James gave Pat Riley and the Miami Heat once last chance to pull off a major move like maybe bringing Carmelo Anthony to Miami to play with LeBron and D-Wade?

6. How about this one, Nike and the Cavaliers needed more time once they found out where LeBron is going, to get all their TV ads, billboards and other advertising avenues together so they can flood the media market with their new LeBron marketing campaign? And also, maybe LeBron and his team needed more time to get their website ready for the traffic that will be coming their way for when they do make the announcement on his site?

I have no idea if any of these are indeed reasons why LeBron has yet to announce his intentions, but for some reason he hasn’t made the “Decision” public yet, so these were my best guesses.  You got anything better?


Everyone else is making their prediction on where “The King” is headed, so I guess it’s time for the “The Great Rodini” to make his prediction on where he thinks LeBron James will be playing basketball next season.

After talking to old and new sources, in bars, stores, at the library, via Twitter, through e-mails and of course using my crystal ball, I have come up with these five predictions about LeBron James.


1. LeBron will choose to sign with Cleveland over Miami because of:

The Cavs younger, deeper roster, led by two-time All-Star Kyrie Irving who just committed long term. Add to that #1 overall pick Andrew Wiggins, Dion Waiters, Tristan Thompson and LeBron’s buddy Anderson Varejao. This gives “King James” a chance to win now and in the future. The Cavaliers could also use some of that young talent in a trade to lure another All-Star like Kevin Love to C’Town. Plus G.M. David Griffin has salary cap and roster flexibility to go along with multiple first round draft picks to use in deals to improve the roster. Also, while they’re not the best of friends any more, LeBron knows that owner Dan Gilbert will pay money into the luxury tax if necessary to help the team win.

2. LeBron will announce this “Decision” via social media on his website at LeBronJames.com and on Twitter @KingJames.

“The Decision” TV show was a disaster and LeBron knows that and learned from that. As I’ve been saying for months now, he will use new media to announce this “Decision” and in turn, drive traffic to his website and add more followers to his Twitter account.

3. LeBron’s website headline – “Coming Home – Unfinished Business”.

The headline says it all. He returns home to Akron/Cleveland and fulfills his original promise of bringing a championship to the Cavaliers.

4. LeBron will switch from his old #23 he wore with the Cavs to his new number #32.

He’s returning to C’Town, but since a lot of people burned his old number #23 jersey, why not start fresh with a number he wore in high school his freshman year at St. Vincent St. Mary’s high school and at the McDonalds All American Game at The Q. Plus it forces those who did keep their #23 jersey’s to go out and buy the new #32 LeBron jersey. Just a smart business move.

5. LeBron will convince Ray Allen to come play for the Cavs.

The one area the Cavaliers still need to improve in is their outside shooting and why not bring in the greatest 3-point shooter in NBA history with him to Cleveland since Allen is a free agent.

There you have it, not one, not two, not three, not four, but five predictions about what’s next for LeBron James.

Welcome Home LeBron!


PS – On the slight chance “The Great Rodini” might be a little off and “The Godfather” of the NBA Pat Riley convinces James to stay in South Beach, expect it to be for just one or two years and then we’ll go through this all over again!